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Shoei XR-1100

Discussion in 'Helmets' at netrider.net.au started by Rob H, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. I was in the market for a new helmet (I have the Shark Vision R) and was looking at the Shark Speed R but opted for the Shoei XR-1100 purely for a change and the reviews for the Shoei were pretty good. Nothing wrong the Vision R, it's just that I fancied treating myself.

    Bought it last week with the dark tint Pinlock visor insert. Used it a couple of times at the weekend and my thoughts so far:

    The Good
    • Lighter than the Shark
    • Nicely presented with clear instructions
    • Lots of easy to open vents (Can be opened on the move with gloves on)
    • Visor lock
    • Pinlock insert works really well, no misting fogging etc and the temp was very warm
    • Vents work really well with good air flow across the melon
    • Overall quality feels good
    • Removable and washable inserts
    • Good shape and looks great in my opinion

    The not so good
    • Not the chepeast
    • From the instructions the visor adjustment seems a bit fiddly
    • Pinlock removal / Visor cleaning is tricky to get right (for me anyway,but I do have fists of ham)
    • Wind noise is pronounced with vents open, which is to be expected in my opinion (I wear ear plugs so it doesn't bother me)
    • The SAI sticker is obtrusive and other than removing it hard to rectify (A bit pissy but my OCD is strong)

    Overall so far I'm pleased with it

  2. (y) Thanks for the write up!
  3. You referring to the sticker on the visor? you can remove it :)

    I find the visor very easy to change once you get the technique wright, biggest complaint i had with it is the wind noise even though its a nice fit :(
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  4. I'm referring to the sticker on the helmet, not the visor.
  5. How do you find the visor on yours? i found mine disappointing overall especially for the price, take a thin piece of paper or something and try sliding it under the visor, mind had gaps everywhere even after tons of adjustment :(
  6. Haven't got that far yet
  7. the helmet has a rubber lip at the bottom at the back...keeps hitting the speed hump on my dainese jacket when moving into and out of tucked mode ....much better aerodynamics compared to the tzx i use...less head wobble at speed too...
  8. I've had my XR-1100 for over two years. Great helmet, the visor can be adjusted (I'm on my third visor with no issues), I use a post-it note and run it along the edge of the visor, if it slips into the gap I adjust the visor to make it a tighter fit. All screws and retaining clips are replaceable for bugger all $$s.

    Edit - Do you have a duff visor maybe?
  9. yeah i played with it for over an hr last night, got a good seal along the front towards the sides but the teal tapers off a little bit, i tried tighter then the visor doesnt close over the bottom properly 8-[
  10. Sorry if I'm labouring the point - have you tried a different visor, completely removed the mech that holds the visor in and reseated everything? (Careful with the soft screws).
    I'm not a Shoei fanboi (I've had Nolans, Shoei and others) but for the $$s I would expect a visor to fit perfectly or be looking to warranty/RMA the helmet.
  11. tried 2 visors, adjusting the mount points on both sides (1 screw is almost stripped thanks to the soft aluminum (nice material choice...).

    My friend reported similar issue with his before he moved to another brand :(
  12. Sounds like the visor aperture on the helmet is malformed - time to return for a warranty replacement.
    From memory new screw kits are approx $15.
  13. or take the screws to a screw store and get stainless ones, they should last longer.
    depending on the screw,for small stainless, you would prob walk out of there 1 gold coin lighter.
  14. Screw store? Is that another name for a knocking shop??
  15. as they say in Germany 'Rubntug' ;)
  16. This might be way off track but have you checked the adjuster on the side to ensure it is not in the cracked open position rather than in the closed position?

    Sorry not explaining myself very well, the black lever on right hand side as you look at the helmet which will also lock the visor closed.

    Just a thought as you seem to have tried everything else.

    Cheers Jeremy
  17. I agree with this.

    Also if you are having trouble getting it to seat down.. maybe take it to a motorcycle store. They sometimes need adjustment, right out of the box.

    I'm guessing the motorcycle store people are very proficient at doing this... they often have little donoughts of foam rubber to rest helmets in while they fiddle with them.

    I would imagine they would do this for free. If I had troubles with my XR-1100, I would probably ask the guy if he could get the visor to seat down properly when I was buying something else. I would imagine he wouldn't charge
  18. yeah it wasn't cracked open, its mainly just the adjustments are such a pain as you cant screw it in once you get the perfect position with the visor mounted either the visor wont seat on the bottom seal properly or it does and there's a gap at the top. Ill get some new mount screws i think and take it back to Peter Stevens for adjustment as it was like it out of the box.
  19. I bought an XR1100 last year as well and think it's great. I nearly went and bought an AGV K4 EVO and soo glad I didn't, I tried on the AGV plus an Arai, HJC and the SHOEI XR1100 and TZ-X. I also have a personal Nitro N750 which is OK, just a bit loose and doesn't have the AS1698 approval (I bought it in the UK)...

    The AGV was the least comfortable out of them all and the SHOEI was the most comfortable so I went with that. I am just looking at getting the Gold Iridium visor for $150 :whistle:
  20. Must say I've pretty lucky with my xr1100 no probs so far. I love the visor lock seals it tight