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SHOEI XR-1100 Sever 2, 99% new worn twice

Discussion in 'Archived' started by BKN, Jan 23, 2011.

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  1. Hi guys,

    Got a Shoei xr-1100 for Sever 2 for sale. Awesome helmet, best one i've had, but one problem, its too big for me :( Its an XL size.

    When i bought it about a year ago, i tried it on and thought it was ok, turns out its too loose for my head and i dont quite like the fact it moves while im wearing it. I only worn it twice as i never ride, its still got the new smell to it.

    Comes with a tinted screen, cant find the original as my garage is an absolute mess. Also somes with Shoei helmet bag.

    I need to sell this asap to get my new helmet in the right size. I bought it for $800 willing to sell for less. Quality helmet, awesome graphics.

    Price : $650ono (Tinted screen is an original SHOEI item worth $100)


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  2. Errr, not sure of your maths there, but if the price does get closer to half price (wouldn't that be $400?:-s) I would definitely be interested! :)
  3. Im willing to take $600 for it, cost me $900:(
  4. 650 is close to half of 800?.....

    try rewording that one mate.
  5. OK its been fixed, now if you're not interested in the helmet post your shit elsewhere.
  6. well done.

    if you'd had advertised it correctly rather than your 'crazy liquidation half price' .... but not really... you might not have had the 'shit' posted...

    anyway, good luck with the sale, decent looking lid
  7. Where abouts are you in Melbourne? Ad says you paid $800, later post says you paid $900? Do you have the receipt for it ?
  8. $800 for bucket plus $100 for visor. need a calculator?
  9. Who cares if he can prove what he paid for it anyway?

    You can get them now for $699 at AMX (+$100 for visor) brand new.

    Whether a receipt says $900 or not, the actual value doesn't change.
  10. what the hell is wrong with you guys if you're not interested dont post in here, seriously.

    I had afew Pms already so im willing to negotiate price as i need to get rid of it.

    If the price is now $699 new plus visor, $100, Im willing to sell for $600. I think its a fair price considering i worn it twice. If you dont like the price then go elsewhere please.

  11. BKN don't worry about it. There's a mixed bunch of people here and good luck with your sale.
  12. How hot were the days you rode with it and how far did you ride?
  13. I was only interested in the receipt because I am interested in the helmet but want to be sure it is a locally purchased helmet, not an import with a AS sticker added to it, etc.

    What suburb are you located in?

  14. smart thinking
  15. Mate, you posted an ad on a forum, people are free to respond. If others have questions about what you are selling or the information that you have given then there is nothing wrong with them asking you on the forum.
    Hell you should see all the questions asked of Takamii about his helmets.

    On the plus side for you of people responding it keeps your ad at the top or close to the top.
  16. Trekka273, The comment i made wasnt at you, it was at people who had issues with my price. I do have proof of purchase which i will dig up. The helmet is legit and is in great condition 99% new.

    The Snow Dog : Answering your question, i dont remember but i dont think it was a hot day, the helmet doesnt smell used if thats what you're asking, Its practically new, i been using my old helmet coz it fits me better.

    Im located in Hoppers Crossing

    Cheers guys.
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