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Shoei XR-1100 review

Discussion in 'Helmets' at netrider.net.au started by toadcat, Jun 27, 2010.

  1. The Shoei XR-1100 is the replacement for the XR-1000. The design is very similar to the old one and the fit is nearly identical from what I found. The only difference I could really find is that the visibility of the 1100 is a little bit better than the 1000, mainly peripherally. This also greatly helps if you wear sunnies or spectacles as you can put them on quite easily while wearing the 1100. According the Shoei, the benefits aren't visible with many upgrades to the construction of the helmet which is supposed to increase the safety.

    I bought it at MCAS Auburn for $740 - they're having a special and they're usually $800. For designs they're $50 more than the plain matte black one I got. The 1000's are on special to clear out the old stock at $699 but there is limited sizes and styles. For an extra $50 I don't see why you wouldn't just get the 1100 though.

    The fit is perfect. No tight spots/loose spots. The strap goes up very tightly and it's very easy to button the strap back up. Obviously this will not be the same for everyone but I found the Shoei's to fit the best out of AGV, Arai, Rjays, Rock hard, HJC. I got a medium.

    The helmet is very quiet. Wind noise before 80kmph is non existent with the visor down. I had a shitty RXT helmet before which was louder with earplugs in than this helmet without. There is no whistling from a poorly fitting visor either, it fits extremely snugly around a rubber seal lining the visor bit. It also has a special type of visor mechanism which pulls it down quite tightly over this so the seal is completely airtight.

    The ventilation is very good with tactile vents which are easily move around with a gloved hand. They slide very firmly unlike some helmets which seem to have quite loose/flimsy vent covers. There is a vent at the front, 2 just above your eyebrows and FOUR along the back of the helmet. With the front vent open the visor doesn't fog up unless it's very cold and you're breathing hard. If it does, the visor opens very easily unlike other helmets which have somewhat harder visor mechanisms. Despite being very easily opened the mechanism is very sturdy and has a very quality feel.

    The helmet is also very light which is quite surprising as it isn't made of a carbon polymer. Moving your head around is very easy and puts no strain on your neck. I've worn it riding for 4 hours at a time and you can almost forget it's there.

    Visibility is very good. Looking forward at the road there is no interference from the lip of the helmet. The visor is also quite receded which makes checking your blind spot very easy.

    Overall, the helmet is spectacular. However it is up to you weather or not the $800 price tag is worth it. If you're in the market for a new one, definitely take a look at this helmet.
  2. I have one of these helmets also and thinks it's brilliant. I've previously had HJC, AGV and Shark helmets - and the Shoei is hands down better then all of them. It's quiet expensive, but in my opinion well worth the money for the, frankly, ridiculous level of comfort.

    Also, the pinlock anti-fog insert system is the best i have EVER seen. Properly installed, it will not, and i mean NEVER, ever ever fog up. I have ridden in 5 degrees, pouring rain with my visor closed and breathing heavily, and it remained crystal clear. Frankly, it's amazing.
  3. Hmm... I'll look into one to get as a spare helmet...
  4. Have you changed visors over a couple of times - ie clear to tinted and back? That was always the problem with anti-fog inserts I've tried. After a couple of changes the flexing/movement is too much and the adhesive comes away, allowing condensation up between the visor and insert, which is then impossible to clear.

    If they've solved that I'm getting me an insert!

    Love my XR-1100 btw.
  5. There is no adhesive :)

    The insert is held in by flexing between two studs on the visor and so is always sealed perfectly to the visor itself. You can take it off and reuse it as much as you wish, however it's a pain in the ass to do so. I would just buy 2 inserts for 2 visors. You'll get many years out of them unlike the adhesive ones which you're lucky to get 12 months from.
  6. Agree with cbwolf.

    I have the same pinlock system on my xr1000 helmet and it works a treat. The pinlock system is far from your conventional antifog inserts and is very effective. Even on cold mornings while breathing heavily not a spec of fog appears on the visor. You can even get different colour pinlock inserts which are also all antifog.
  7. At $800 it will be an expensive "spare " !

  8. Hi Resmen,
    We seem to have the same bike and same helmet - jinx!

    It seems to me that instead of getting 2 visors, maybe I should just get 2 inserts? Or, even just one tinted insert which could be removed if I get caught out after dark?

    Do all the visors for the xr1000 have the pins?

  9. Hehe that's pretty cool. Only our exhausts are different.

    The idea with the pinlock system is exactly as you said where you no longer need to carry a clear and dark visor with you instead you have 1 visor and as many pinlock inserts as you want.

    Not all visors come with pins and you need to ask specifically for them when ordering.
  10. That's unfortunate. I'll have to get a new tinted visor and a pinlock for it.
  11. got me a pinlock screen for my visor today...

    looks pretty good..

    only concern is it may hit the rubber rim on the way up and down, and if it doesnt seal properly water and noise !
  12. I just slid down the road on my face whilst wearing one of these and as I'm sure no one would be surprised, it held up extremely well. I will also second all the positive comments about the rest of this helmet - comfort, visibility, venting; though I didn't manage to try the pinlock system.

    Just for posterity's sake, here's how it held up to a ~50kph faceplant:

  13. Looks a lot like the damage my xr 1000 sustained. If you aren't going through insurance for a relpacement helmet, or if your company doesn't destroy claimed helmets, they make great hanging plant pots.
  14. she'll be right, nothing a buff cant fix :D
  15. I dunno goz, you think I'm ok? ;)

    And I'll be checking with my insurance, but I have a bad feeling I may have opted out of the cover... *facepalm* At least I now have a sweet new pot!
  16. thermal, can you pls try pulling the AS 1698 sticker off? (as carefully as possible), then stick it somewhere else on the helmet and take a photo ;)
  17. Uh, I guess I could... Am I missing the joke here? *confused*
  18. me too
  19. I think kambo might be trying to find out if he is able to move a sticker from helmet to helmet.
    Which is no.

    Thermal DO NOT peel that sticker off if this is an insurance claim especially if you are claiming the helmet.
  20. Good advice Geeth - too many people think they can get away with using a non AS1698 helmet -- until the day your insurance company wants to inspect it