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Shoei XR-1100 - Any owners?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by LineNoise, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. Tried one on the other day and the large fits me like a glove. Any quirks or issues with them? Worth dropping the cash on one?

    And for that matter...The Helmet Warehouse will ship it down here with the breath guard and 2nd dark tint visor for $804.90 for the solid colours.

    Am I likely to beat this anywhere in Melbourne? Peter Stevens were talking that much for just the helmet.
  2. I have its predecessor XR-1000 and it has been a good helmet, good ventilation, low road noise, excellent quick change visor system. The one problem I have had is with the top front two vents. It looks like the XR-1100 is the same design. These broke off after about 8 months after some very hot weather, the Shoei dealer replaced them at no charge. I squirt some silicon lube into them now from time to time and that keeps them free to move. I reckon its worth the money.
  3. Yeah, I've heard mostly good things about the XR-1000. It's odd that these fit me. Apparently Shoei have changed the shape of them, normally I'm an Arai shaped head.
  4. Ive had a new XR1100 for about 2 months now and i think it's fantastic. Probably the best helmet i've had.

    Amazing seal of the visor when fully closed - absolutely no air comes through. Good ventilation, and pretty quiet if you close all the vents. Nice stability at speed although i have found a little bit of buffeting above 100km/h.

    Best bit of the helmet in my opinion in the field of vision. It's huge...much larger then my previous AGV Stealth - good for spotting those cars that havent spotted you!
  5. I have the XR1000 and never had a problem. This is the second one I've owned (first one got written off lol). I'll definitely buy one again when the times comes, or the 1100 if that's what they are called now.
  6. I have had one since xmas, all the above is true , great visor fit , low noise , great vents.

    two little things tho ...

    first , the inside top of the helmet has ridged padding, which , you cant feel , but it leaves mini mowhawk patterns in your hair !!!

    second, trying to work out why my left ear hurts after an hour or so ?!?!

    nothing seems to be pushing or touching even !?
  7. Hubby has one, unfortuantely he cant wear it at all because its from the US and doesnt have a sticker. What really annoys me is that we paid $500 for it and its absolutely useless, and you only paid a couple of hundred dollars more for yours AND its legal! I'd say you got a really good deal!!! Btw, nice helmets though.
  8. Ordered one in anthracite, will give a report on it when I've had a chance to use it.

    Got a couple of weeks wait apparently, at that price I ain't complaining.
  9. I got an XR1000. That silly wing thing on the back looks stupid and is anoying but it works well at speed. It breathes very well. I find myself having it open one click < 80kph to breath nicely. Anything over that with the vents open you can shut the visor completely and it feels almost the same as having the visor open a click at lower speeds but without the turbluance. (I'm a fan of fresh air). The visor is sturdy and wont slam shut at 200kph like most helmets.

    Only complaint is that on the bottom of it its got a rubber strip as all helmets do but at the back for some reason it steps out, i think its maybe to help it balance on the table etc. The problem is it gets caught on my aero hump on my jacket or if I'm wearing a hoodie (squiding) it can get caught on that. It's no big deal but it gets very anoying! If it didn't owe me a grand I'd get the stanley knife out and cut it off!
  10. ...weird me too... any other xr1100 owners experience this ?
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  12. I have been using one for almost two years now. Best fitting helmet for my head.

    I keep all vent open all the time and I find it that it can be a bit noisy. Otherwise, it is excellent.
  13. the visor lock/release on the left, seems to whistle.....

  14. I have one in black and it fits quite well.

    I have nothing to compare it to really since its my first helmet!

    I had to order smaller cheek pads though and it fits very nicely now.
  15. I purchased mine about 4-5months ago when they were just getting released for $760 from the Kawa dealership on Ferntree Gully road... from memory they're not a stevo's but are part of it or something. Anyway, they had a 15% off sale so saved a bunch! :)

    Great helmets, I've got 3 of them, the TZR being my first, then an xr1000 & an 1100 that both get used now. Both are great helmets. The 1100's newer visor is great but i'm spewing I can't put my 1000's tinted visor on it!! Any good places to buy cheap iridium or tinted visors!?

    By the way, the vents on top do look very similar but the 1100's are actually longer and slightly wider for better flow!

    +1 on the BIGGER visor opening too... I love it!

    *EDIT* My 1100 is also a design & not just the plain colours. BARGAIN!
  16. OK so I got my smaller cheek pads, (33mm down from 35 mm standard) and the helmet is WONDERFUL now...

    AA++ would crash in again.
  17. Both my ears hurt after time (xr1000). But thats because doesnt quite fit, I was between a small and medium so went for small. the tops of my ears have compressed the pad just above the ear spot and press against the foam.
  18. interesting reading of the left ear pain.. I have both a XR1000 and Hornet which is their Dual Sport helmet.. the XR1000 is perfect all day long.. however the Hornet which looks similar inside to the XR1100 also hurts my left ear.. to the point where I need to stop riding for a little while.. may see if they have smaller pads for that too.. thanks for the tip
  19. I get the sore ear thing from my right ear with my xr 1000. It is also a very noisy helmet. Not real happy with the helmet at all.
  20. Hi,

    I just bought the Sylvan XR1100 in gold, love it's looks, comfort and the field of vision is def increased from my prev Shoei TZ-1, highly recommend.....

    Was wondering is it worth getting a breath guard, do they work?