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Shoei XR-1000 v Shark RSR2

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by android, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. Anyone familiar with both these helmets and which is the better one...so to speak.

    I was looking at getting the XR-1000 but then was also told about the RSR2. The RSR2 is supposed to be a similar helmet to the XR-1000. They're both in the same price range...around $700. My last helmet was an RF-900 so I'm familiar with the Shoei helmet.

    This is probably a bit of a opinion based question, but some opinions/views are just fine.

    Cheers people

    PS: The RSR2 has a grill over the chin air intake which makes the helmet look like the mask worn in Silence of the Lambs.
  2. So many possible smart-aleck answers, so little time....... :)
  3. I just brought a a Shark RSR2 helmet ... great helmet
  4. I've tried on both but dont own either...The fit is completely different I found and theres no way that I could wear the shark, its as bad as a helmet could fit me. But if it fits your head I reckon itd be a great helmet, very light. The Shoei fitted me well and also felt light and can be had for cheaper because there alot more common, seem to be discounted more often, etc..
    I love the corser rep in the shark tho, which is kinda annoying...So it all comes down to how they fit you.
  5. just bought a new shoei. shark didnt fit me to well, was to close to my face. both great helmets from the research i did. which ever one fits best go for it..
  6. did you shoei guys go iridium visor?

    I was talking to a guy at the show a while back and he reckoned the shoei iridium was good quality and worth every cent...owner not salesman.
  7. I've got a Shoei XR-1000 with Chrome Iridium visor and I love it. Very comfy and light.

    I'd point out though this is the first helmet I've ever owned so I wouldn't have a huge comparision but I'm happy.
  8. Thats whats on my shopping list.......a shinny RSR2 to replace my long lost RSR......was tempted by the RSX but come into a bit of cash so I can go for the gold......bring on my service next week!!!

    Shoei and Shark take two different angles with thier helmet design Shoei persues the Snell stardard which makes a very rigid helmet shell while Shark's focus is on designing a more 'flexible' helmet shell which is better at absorbing flat surface impacts while minimising the energy transfer to your brain. Have a read and thing about which one you want on your head.


    As well as that Shark helmets have a much thicker visor which can take a hit from a rock at a much higher speed than the thinner screens from the other manufacturers.

    naturally the sharks are a better fit on my nogin than anything else.....this is the key issue
  9. i just upgraded to a Shoei XR-1000 from a KBC VR-1. The shoei is heaps lighter and gives more peripheral vision. I got mine for $549 in sydney + $99 for the blue iridium visor. Very happy with helmet so far, was a perfect fit in the shop, by far the best helmet for the money.
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  11. It was a bloody lame response...no idea why they bothered. At least the learnt the second time around.
  12. Phew that was some heavy reading especially at this time in the morning. I was getting paid to read the study at work, so that's a bonus. Plus now I can save that money on a non snell rated helmet, Thanks Matt. :)