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Shoei XR 1000 re line...

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by doggybaws, Feb 11, 2015.

  1. G'day Bike folk....been a while since i posted on here...about 7 years i think....thought i might start hanging around again see what going on...Just a quick question...I have a shoei xr 1000 lid with about 30k kms on it now...starting to feel a bit loose...plus has a fair bit of beard rash...just wondering if anyone here replaces the lining....any info on genuine or after market kits appreciated...thanks

  2. Man, I wanna cry. I cant get 5k out of lid before I drop it or knock it and consequently fark it. Sorry, can't be of any help, I just end up buying a new helmet :arghh:
  3. Crikey, whatta you do wear it to work?...I could buy another...But iam kinda attached to it...
  4. Doggybaws :

    Mate, I generally have an 'operational' helmet in my possession for ~5 years, if it hasn't already kissed (pardon the pun) the world goodbye.

    Sounds like inner liner/pads and chin strap could do with a look-over and possible replacement.

    Our lids become a personal thing - if it's in great condition, apart from above, and the cost for alteration isn't excessive, I say go ahead. But if any doubt exists, get it looked at mate.

    Safe, happy riding.
  5. Really its not to bad to be honest..has a few marks ere and there and plastics are getting a bit dull...but to be honest i cant see any reason to replace it apart from its starting to feel a bit loose around the cheeks...the whole lining unbuttons on these helmets..i know i can buy after market cheek pads on the bay..but i don't like buying cheap rubbish...I am surprised know one else has thought about this?