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Featured Shoei XR 1000 inner pad replacement

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Andyp9, May 8, 2015.

  1. Gday netriders,

    Its my first post on this forum, so Hello All!!

    Recently bought a new Kawasaki 650L and tried using my old Shoei XR1000. Its a Medium helmet with standard inner pads. The problem is with my ears, when I take the helmet off my ears are getting stuck and I need to pull the helmet off and the ears are hurting like crazy.

    A size Large would probably be bigger for me. So is there anyway that I can change the pads to smaller ones and make it loose around the ears?

    Spoke to one of the bike shops and they advised it will take around 4-12 months to get used to the helmet but with this pain I dont think my ears will last that long.

  2. Howdy Andy & Welcome to NR!

    I know you can get adjustable cheek pads for the XR series, im not sure it that would do anything ear wise though...

    Maybe throw a question to SHOEI and see what they come back with..

  3. Yes you can get different sized pads. You may be able to get artistic with them and shape them to fit your head more comfortably
  5. Thanks for the suggestions guys.

    How about a balaclava?? Has anyone had any help with that??
  6. Yes, a thin balaclava can help get your head in and out of helmets.
    It's especially good to keep earplugs or headphones in your ear while trying to get the helmet on.
    Is it the pad at your ear, or the neck collar below that that is giving you problems, or both ?
    You could take the pads out and pre-crush them a bit. Try rolling / squashing a tennis ball over the spot that is causing discomfort.
  7. They stopped making that helmet about 6 years ago. I'd suggest giving the cheek pads a wash - might soften them up?
  8. Thanks for the suggestions guys, appreciate it!!