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webBikeWorld Shoei X-Fourteen Preview

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. Shoei introduced the X-Fourteen at the 2015 AIMExpo show.

    The X-Fourteen is the latest in a long line of Shoei X-series helmets.

    Triskaidekaphobics are glad Shoei is jumping directly to the X-14 from the Shoei X-12!

    We've said this before and I noticed it yet again when I handled the X-Fourteen at the show. As soon as you pick up a Shoei or Arai helmet, there is something definitely different.

    It's a combination of fit, finish, overall quality and...something else. Call it Shoei juju.

    The X-Fourteen feels like it was machined from a solid block of titanium -- really.

    The perfectly executed tight split lines help, as does the paint and graphics.

    One thing is for sure: Shoei and Arai couldn't have two more different design philosphies.

    The new Arai Corsair-X, which is their top-of-the-line race helmet, is round, round, round. Arai is very much into their R75 (continuous 75 mm shell radius) design aesthetic.

    The Shoei X-Fourteen throws R75 out the window. The first thing you notice is the extended rear shape, which looks even more duck-tailish due to the huge (and patented) side spoilers in the rear.

    Turn the helmet around and that radical rear shape becomes even more apparent. This may be a love-it-or-hate-it for many, but Shoei swears by the function and claims it shaves lap times, if only by milliseconds.

    Another patent was granted to the liner system, which can be rotated to change the eye port positioning to allow better visibility out the top when the racer is in a tucked position.

    One more innovation can be seen in the cheek pads, which feature a cooling "tube" to direct fresh air on to the racer's cheeks.

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