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Shoei whisper strip

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by AlGroover, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. I bought a Shoei TZ-X helmet a couple of months ago. Best fit out of anything in the shop. Had Shoei before, going back years and years. Bit more than I was looking to spend but that's ok.
    I've used it for commuting ever since and it's been great but hadn't managed to get out on the open road until a few weeks back.
    This must be the noisiest helmet I've ever had for wind noise. The problem seems to be the gap under the ear just behind the jaw bone. Stick your thumb in the gap and the noise goes away. Effective but not practical.
    A bit of research found the Shoei Whisper Strip. It's a U shaped curtain that fits around the base of the helmet, covers the gap and smooths the airflow.
    So I bought one.
    Does it work? Yes I reckon it reduces the wind noise to better than average against other helmets I've had.
    Is it worth it? Yes, but I reckon as a fix for a known problem, it should have been supplied with the helmet as standard not as a $45-$50 accessory.
    If you are going to buy one of these helmets, try and get the Whisper Strip included in the price.

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  2. Bought one for Mrs Messy recently, also a TZ-X, and it came with one in the box as standard.....
  3. mine came with a chin curtain but no whisper strip 6 months back... ditto its the noisiest helmet i've tried, it's friggin horrendous, on the highway i can't hear my bike! i'm glad the whisper strip works as im thinking of getting one...
    I'm also massively disappointed with the venting and the way it fogs up, have you had this issue?

    last night after 6 months i swapped back to my old XR-1000.... ahh peace and quiet, and no fogging... even with a dirty visor. I've been dabating an X-12 but frankly im so disappointed with Shoei right now that i dont know if its worth it... not to mention the extra half a kilo in weight over my old X-11.

    I know it's an old thread but may help others avoid the same mistake.
  4. You're not referring to the chin curtain are you Messy? My TZ-X came with one of those, but not the whisper strip. I'm thinking of getting one too, but wondering if it'll make the fogging worse. I've also found that the boom microphone on the bluetooth gets in the way of the chin curtain fitting.

    Actually I have to say the second attempt with the pinlock seems to be working, but my glasses still fog up something dreadful. The RS Taichi stuff seems to work a bit for them, but I've found that the trick is to let the stuff dry on the glasses/visor THEN wipe it. Needs to be reapplied regularly tho.
  5. Love my XR1100, very light, well fitting and I don't use the chin curtain with mine, but do use ear plugs to cut out wind noise. Also use Morning Fresh on inside of visor to stop it fogging up. Works a treat.
    Did hate having the boom mic from my Interphone F4 but now bought the Sena10 and love the small wired mic so it doesn't get in the way.
  6. you can get non boom mic's for the interphone.. i have it in a couple of my helmets. flat stick on type.
  7. I've experienced the exact same issues, even to the point of calling Shoei and telling them about the issue. which they denied so I questioned why release a whisper kit if it's not an issue...

    I have been warned not to use a whisper kit as I wear specs and will fog easily. One thing I can confirm, it's noisy as hell on a super sport style bike but pretty quite on a naked.

    Personally, I would no recommend this helemt to anyone unless strictly on a naked.
  8. hmmm ive tried it on a naked but can't say i noticed the difference... that said, it's a vtr250 so i just put it down to not going fast enough to generate wind lol

    and i'm at the point where i'm trying to find an X-11 cause i dont want to buy ANY of Shoe's new product....
  9. Interesting you say you prefer your old XR-1000. I find mine to be noisier than nymph on coke and constantly fogs up no matter what I do.

    The new ones must be atrocious!
  10. yeah my xr-1000 and X-11 were both WAY better than the tzx... my X-11 got damaged while in storage sadly as i loved it, but i still have the XR-1000 and think i'll switch back to it unless i can source a new X-11.

    the problem with all this is you generally have to BUY a helmet before you know if its any good or not, i stuck with Shoei cause my last 2 were great, now i dont know whether to dump them or if i go somewhere else will it be just as bad.... I'd take a punt for $500 but the X-11 cost $1300 and an X-12 is gonna be >$1k.... its a lot of money to take a 50/50 bet on.
  11. Is there anyone else who thinks their TZ-X is unreasonably loud?
  12. Hmm thanks for the tip grey. Probably help cut wind noise some so long as it doesnt make it hot to wear.
    Im not sure which it came with - probably the curtain.
  13. I replaced a cheaper AGV with the tz-x, couldn`t believe the noise! Comfort, fit, quality etc all good but the noise drove me crazy, even with earplugs. Similar to other reports the noise is not as bad when riding a naked bike?
    The whisper kit has made a huge difference, but for the premium price it should be included!
  14. Along the lines of this thread, what's the quietest helmet out there in everyone's opinion?

    I've been told by my mechanic that he's got a Shoei XR-1100 for $350 brand new and that mine being 7 years old is passed it used by date.

    Firstly, I've found mine to be very noisy and am tempted to ditch Shoei anyway, secondly, if it hasn't had a knock other than a drop, does it need replacing, and thirdly, is $350 too good to pass up or should I fork out more for something much quieter.

    Just interested in some opinions.
  15. Where can the whisper strip be purchased from? Is there anywhere other than shoei.com.au?

  16. You can order them thru the bike shops.
  17. I have an XR-1000 and it is by far the noisiest piece of crap helmet I've ever owned.
  18. I got one of these helmets over a year ago and im glad to see it's not me, it just a noisy helmet. I bought custom earplugs (I use them for work so its a good tax deduction) so i can't justify getting this. My $10 Rjays fleecy neck warmer worked ok at reducing the noise.
  19. Is this visor adjusted properly? Don't these Shoei's have adjustment screws so the visor can be seated down onto that seal effectively? I'm not sure if this has been thought of yet, or is even the problem, but maybe check the seal and read the helmet manual
  20. It's not the visor, it is the gap around the neck.