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shoei vs arai

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by malenko, May 30, 2008.

  1. I went to the local here in Perth and tried on some helmets cos all I have atm is an el cheapo RXT helmet which is complete trash really.

    I noticed one thing however. I couldn't tell the difference between arai and shoei? From what I have read here I was sort of expecting different internal shapes. With my RXT it is more shaped like a wedge with lots of room at the back but it mashes my cheeks in at the front, so basically it is just a wrong fit, but with all the higher end helmets they all felt the same? Do I just have the universal head shape?

    Also what is the difference between the iridium visors and tinted?

    Oh and I also realised there is a HUGE difference between the higher end helmets and the lower ones. The shoei and arai felt awesome were as my rxt feels like shit.
  2. Iridium vs Tinted - https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=53386

    Just be glad you have the choice between both Shoei and Arai, you must the right shaped head.

    Helmets will always feel different on different people, which is why so many people always say to go try them on first
  3. Yeah I am very glad that I have both ranged of helmets to choose from.

    And I have read that thread but it got me curious as to what iridium is. Are they visors that offer protection from the sun yet are still suitable for dusk riding or even night riding? All I really found out from that thread is that it scratches easy.
  4. I use an irridium visor on my shoei. I find it great during sunny days, and it's still quite good at dusk/dawn.
    Yeah it scratches easily, but if you are careful enough it wont be a problem.
  5. Can you get away with wearing them at night or are they too dark?
  6. have you looked at the shark helmets? they can be better value than shoei or arai
  7. lol :rofl:
  8. I have, but I wouldn't recommend it.
  9. its the same as any tinted visor or sunglasses,too dark at night..
    mine says "daytime use only"on them..
  10. Why the laughter?

  11. Nah I havent looked into the sharks, but they didnt have any in the shop, or else I would have tried them on.
  12. cause thats funny.
  13. It's like saying a Hyundai is better value than a BMW.

    But, check it out, the quality-to-price ratio might be pretty good (I have no idea, however).

    I tried on just about every full-face helmet in the shop when I was looking, and only the Shoei was a perfect match. The Arais were just the wrong shape for me.
  14. I guess those Europeans have NFI about helmets, because SHARK is one of the most popular brands over there. Not to mention those motorcycle racers...

    Alex Barros, Olivier Jacque, Jeremy McWilliams, Troy Corser, Randy DePuniet, Pablo Nieto...

    PS. I'd bet you have NFI about Hyundais either.

  15. How were the arais a wrong fit? Were they too roomy in some places with not enough room in others? because as I said, I tried them both on and they both felt the same... awesome.
  16. Twistngo didn't say better he said better value, there is a difference and I tend to agree.

    But it all boils down to what fits your head, whats good for one may not be good for another.

    I certainly wouldn't be going out and buying the most expensive helmet around just because of the brand name.

    BTW i have owned 2 Shark helmets and have found them both very good value for money.
  17. shark is the most shit helmet ive ever had the misfortune to put my head in..if value is getting an ugly,uncomfortable,heavy helmet with a poxy seatbelt style strap,then i will continue to be ripped off getting Arai.
  18. a lot of people like them and they get good reviews


    if I was rude I would suggest they don't suit d*$%heads
  19. who the hells raul.t? :rofl: you must of looked hard to find that review..
  20. I had endless trouble finding any helmet to fit my head, most just weren't small enough. The Shoei was the best fit overall, apart from a pressure point on my forehead that I found intolerable even after about 10 minutes in the store...so that was definitely out.

    I ended up with the Arai Vector, not because of the brand name but because it was the best fit I could find, but even now I feel it's a little too big. Even though it is the right fit in most places, it feels as though I have to keep pushing it down around the crown area to make it feel snug....sigh.

    I'm wondering if the Shoei Flutter might be worth trying, or whether I'll just have the same problem as I had with all the other Shoei helmets.

    I'll always buy for fit and comfort, if that can be found in a lower priced, decent quality helmet then all the better :grin: