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Shoei visor purchaseage

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by davesquirrel, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. morning all,

    so with summer around the corner and the sun trying to poke its head out more and more i'm getting a bit fed up with the clear visor and sunnies combo.

    the shoei shop wanted $90 for a tinted one plus $20 for couriering it to me, which i thought was a bit steep and the encouragement i need to get off my bony arse and go to one of those shop things they had before the interweb and apparently still have.

    given i'm a tight-fisted sod can anyone recommend somewhere that does visors for a good price in melbourne cbd or south eastern suburbs.

  2. I bought mine from the states, $45 tinted visor for my xr-1100 plus $25 shipped! (I bought a shitload of stuff to save on my shipping.) & that's still much cheaper than any of the retail shops.

    My 2c,
  3. bloody hell that's good, how long did it take to arrive?
  4. Bit more than a week. I got 2 visors, a balaklava, 2 camera & a chest/back protector - flat rate of $25 international shipping. Even if only buying a couple of visors, they still come in at the price of one including shipping, no brainer for me!
  5. gotta love riders discount's flat $25 shipping rates
  6. definitely going to get me a spare clear visor and just trying to find the tinted one that fits my helmet. ta for the pointer all...
  7. Ive never thought about tinted visors before but would it be possible to just put tint on the inside like you would a car window?
  8. I paid $70 for a clear visor for my HJC a couple of months ago, so a local price of $90 for a Shoei doesn't sound out of the way. It's way too much, of course, but that's the Australian bike accessory market for you......
  9. I've got a Shoei XR-1100, got a tinted visor from the UK on Ebay, $50 inc shipping.

    Search for visorshop on ebay, shipped really quickly too.
  10. UK might be the way to go - can ship it to my parents and i've got money left in my UK bank account. Ta for that one Maetrik!

    Edit: Order placed. Roughly $84 for two visors and shipping straight into my grubby little mitts...
  11. Just get it on ebay using paypal or pay from your credit card.
  12. Mine cost me $110 at the local bike shop, thought it was gold plated for that price