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Shoei TZ-X

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by VladTepes, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Used my new helmet fo the frst time today.

    It's MUCH louder than I thought it would be. Lots of "roar" at speeds as low as 100kph and a hell of a whistle when I turn my had for a shoulder check.

    Not amused, given the price.

    I've checked the visor anthat sems to be properly attached.

    On an aside - what do people use to clean their visors with (get rid of insects dust etc) ?
  2. to clean, soak visor in warm water, gunk should be loose in a minute or so and you can rub with your fingers [dont sc****] or use a soft cloth. I got an XR1000 shoei and find it loud as well, when I have front vents [on top] opened I get the whistle / wail when turnging the head. and I wear moulded ear plugs
  3. I've had my tz-x for some time and it's very loud. If you shrug your shoulders to up under the helmet it's very quiet, you can buy like a curtain thingy for them.

    With the whistle, there is adjustment on either side where the visor mounts are, give these a bit of a tweak to get the visor to sit a little nice. Should solve the problem.
  4. My TZ-X is actually very quiet, I have no problems with it at all at 110kph. Did you get the right size? When people said the wind noise in helmets above 60kph can be unbearable at times I was suprised to find mine has next to no noise at all. I can hear it of course, but it's not loud or annoying. Now my old Arai ... That's a different story ...
  5. Out of interest what did you have prior to this helmet?

    I've got an XR1000 and have to say I wouldn't buy it again (if it were an option). Of course, once I've tried an Arai or something else my opinion might change.
  6. Me? This is the first helmet I;ve had in 15 years? My last was also a Shoei and it was quiet as I recall.
  7. I have a TZ-X as well which I find to be noisy as, anything above 70km/h or so whistles if I don't close the chin vent.

    cazzo, where abouts are these adjustments you speak of? I'd love to fix the whistle if it's possible with fine tuning?
  8. You'll find a couple screws on each side of the helmet that hold the visor mechanism in place. I have found if the visor whistles it's time for an adjustment.
  9. It's not the visor whistling its a definite wind roar inside the helmet (which is the right size for me)

    Interestingly I;ve found that if I hold my habnd dner my chin, the wind noise almsot entirely disappears. It's bliss by comaprison. S i seems that air moving up from teh bottom of the helmet is the culprit.

    Question is - what to do about it, and why does AcidTrips not have the same problem?
  10. Soooooooo many variables... Maybe he as a huge chin?

    With helmets, unfortunately it is a case of not knowing if you'll like it until it is too late. A lot of people rave about the noise levels on the XR-1000 (I think it is rubbish).
  11. Anyone know how to fit the chin skirt thingy on one of these helmets? I want to check if that makes any difference?
  12. test it out by wrapping a scary tightly under your chin - see if that helps
  13. The chin curtain just pushes inbetween the shell and the lining, you should have gotten one free with the helmet. BTW it made no difference to the noise in my TZ-X, I have found if I shrug my shoulders the noise is just about eliminated, so it stand to reason that the noise is created from air-flow around the base.
  14. I've a TZ-X & it's VERY quiet when the visor's locked in. No problems at all there.

    If you're experiencing whistling and/or wind noise then then the visor needs to be adjusted.

    I'll post some videos when I get a chance later tonight.
  15. I got a TZ-X, its also quiet, or was until I fitted my Cardo Scala Rider. Going to fix that soon with a glue mount base.

    Anyway, there is a whisper kit for the TZ-X, I got that but once again, it does not work with the Scala Rider. Yet to test it but I reckon it will do a good job
  16. Have a look at this video - it might help

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  17. Can't see the video from work - will look later. It's definitely NOT the visor though, its air cfoming up in the chin area.

    TRA - what's this whisper kit? Where can I get it? How much is it? How does it work?
  18. Whistle in my shoei gone
  19. Are you going on the ride on Sat? I will bring it along and show you. I bought mine from Team Moto at Virgina. Have not used it yet though.

    BTW, I bought my helmet from Team Moto Virgina and it came with the chin guard thingie for free. The old shoei you had to pay from memory, but was free with the TZ-X.
  20. Well I had my first ride today without the chin curtain, must have ripped it off at home and didnt even realise till I hit the freeways. F*ck me was it loud ... On my helmet it makes a world of difference ...