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shoei tinted visors...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by xoraak, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. I've just bought a nice new shoei xr1000 lid, but the tinted visor (which peter steves says is the darkest available) is not dark enough?
    When the sun is on the horizon, I really have to squint to block out the light.

    The helmet is damned near perfect otherwise!

    Any other shoei owners here think the same? Are there darder then legal tints available?

    I'm comparing it to the tinted visors from my past helmets, shark rsf (rsr?), and arai rx7.
  2. Have the same problem.
    Solved by carrying clear visor ( wrapped in old sock ) in the tank bag, then using my sunglasses untill sun has gone, then quick stop to change to normal specs.
  3. No probs using a mirrored visor on my Shoei... This was the more expensive visor (100+) but that's not what I paid.

    Regards, Nick
  4. I might have to grab one...
    shame to spoil the darth vadar look though :grin:
    The helmet is plain black.
  5. I have a TZ-1 with the Dark Tint visor - I just wear sunglasses underneath it. Easy.
  6. Got myself an XR1000 with the silver iridium visor. I don't have any worries with too much sun, and always carry the clear vison in a helmet bag - HATE wearing sunnies under the helmet...
  7. how did u swing that?
  8. I have a dark iridium visor on my shoei. I find that I cannot wear it on overcast days as it becomes to dark to see clearly. I think that is what you maybe after. :)
  9. How does $24 for a brand new Shoei with mirror visor sound?

    :cool: yes very.
  10. sweet where from, ebay?

    I bought my gold iridium visor for $90, and thought that was cheap!
  11. please do tell ... or is it a secret source?
  12. Yes, please do as I am with dutch on this one...

    Prob with mirrored visors is they show the scratches more, I have a triple scratch right in front of my left eye when its on... for that dosh, I'll certainly go for a spare

    Regards, Nick