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Shoei Multitec Vs Nolan 102

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by DeeCubed, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. #1 DeeCubed, Mar 31, 2008
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    I've been thinking about a flip up for a while, so I've read the reviews and I've watched Helmet Harbour's walkthroughs, but I still don't get why the Shoei is double the price of the Nolan? Any ideas?
    I see the WA Police use a flip up...which one is it?

    Nolan 102: [media=youtube]YGmJZPtAUsM[/media]
    Shoei Multitec: [media=youtube]qreIrCgwGn4[/media]

  2. I have a multitec, it's awesome. I tried the N102 as well, but the Shoei was a much more comfortable and snug fit for my head, so that was that. I did like the N-Com stuff and the sunshade thing on the Nolan, but am perfectly happy without them. I'm in a bit of a 'keep things simple' phase at the moment :LOL:

    Regarding the price difference, I think it falls down to two reasons:
    1. You're paying extra for the Shoei name. As simple as that.
    2. The shell of the Shoei is apparently much better. It's a different construction, making it stronger and more fracture-resistant. Apparently.

    Apart from that, they're both good helmets. Having said that, I'd buy another Multitec straight away if I trashed it, I wouldn't bother trying on the Nolans again.
  3. Thanks for that Whip'. I tried on a Multitec today and it was very comfy but felt a bit big even though it was a medium; probably 'cos I'm not used to the flip up design. They didn't have a Nolan but I'll look around just to try one out.
  4. I'm looking at an upgrade for my older system-4 flip-up, tried on the nolan and found lots of space for the wind to come rushing in. I'd say it would be a noisy helmet for sure!! I'm also looking at the Multitech for quality.

    Whipster, how do you find it in the wind and rain? seal OK any whistles/noises?

    Must say, I had a tinted shield for the BMW helmet as well and to change over to clear is all of 30 seconds, and both shields have lasted the life of the helmet, wonder if Shoei has similar quality in their shields??

  5. It's fine in the wind and rain. No leaks at all, and if you close the top vent and the face vent it cuts out most of the breeze inside the helmet (but not all). Opening the vents on hot days is great, plenty of airflow.

    Noise-wise it seems fine. I wear earplugs anyway, and between them and the helmet it's never been uncomfortably noisy. (EDIT: I also have the chin guard installed on mine. This is included in the price of the helmet, and drastically cut down wind and noise inside. Apparently you can also buy a "Whisper Strip" which reduces it even more). This is my first helmet though, so I don't really have anything to compare it with.

    Popping off the visors is easy - 30 sec tops to pull it off, no tools required, and there's a range of different visors available. If the fit is not exactly right on your head, you can also get thicker (or thinner) cheek pads to customise the fit.
  6. So I got the Nolan in the end from Bikebiz for A$430 + 5pp. Had to get it online as the local blokes couldn't get a white one (I'm on a hi-viz kick at the moment). I'm well chuffed with the new lid...it's the dog's bollox and cat's arse all rolled into one cross species mix. The dark visor (vision protection system) is the business once you get used to it. At first I pulled it all the way down and then I realised that one should use it a bit more like a car's sun visor...since then I've found I don't need sunny's anymore.

    It's as light as my KBC VR2 (worlds noisiest helmet except for the pickelhaube as used in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) but allows for greater peripheral vision. It's great paying for petrol without the spotty teenager/surly middle aged woman behind the counter reaching for the Mace or alarm button, however with my earplugs in, the conversation (such as it is) remains a bit one-side.