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Shoei Helmets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Powers, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, been looking at getting a tzr or maybe the xr-1000 lately and there are various places that sell them with varying prices!
    MCAS seems to be the cheapest but then i stumbled upon www shoei-helmets com au which have them for much cheaper....is it for real? seems too good to be true !!

  2. xr 1000 can vary from 499 to 700,so check around :wink:
  3. Have you checked what these prices are aussie dollars and then add frieght... they end up not as cheap as they seem.
  4. The shoei link goes to the helmet warehouse if i remember correctly. They are in OZ and yes do some great deals. I have seen though that they do not always have all the sizes at the cheap prices.. Make sure you try one on at a local shop before buying of the net though.. :grin:
  5. I just bought a XR1000 for about $600 at a bike shop.

    Depending where you are and how you approch it its not hard to get 10-15% discount. I am all for shop buying where you can make sure it fits and dont have to pay shipping or risk transit damage.

    If there's a problem you are going to have to mail it back too
  6. I bought a Shoei thru the Helmet Warehouse. Went to my local store, tried on the helmets for size and then ordered online :grin: Bit like anyother discount store though, the size range available at the cheap prices is a bit limited, but at $2-300 off who gives a monkeys?

    Service was excellent too :)
  7. I've got a TZR and I'm not overly impressed with it. Don't pay more that about $250 for one as that's all they are worth.
  8. Bit harsh. I have one too and will probably be my last Shoei but at the end of the day are much better quality than cheaper helmets like HJR (but OK for the price) etc. No one is going to sell a new $600 helmet for $250!

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  9. Problem I had when looking for a Shoei was that online places like Motorcycle Warehouse had good prices (although you still needed to add freight) but they never had my size. They only ever seemed to have XS and S and the accasional M. I wanted L and the XJ-R I wanted they didn't have in my siza at the $549 he had advertised in the MCN ads and online.

    Went to Team Moto Yamaha at Enogerra (Brisbane), flashed my Army ID and boom-boom....$600 instead fo the $689 everyelse wanted...

    Othre than that, I am extremely happy with it. I tried on a lot of helmets, and I mean a lot, and this just fitted well, was comfy and I like it as a whole...
  10. I'd contest that the Shoei in no better in quality than any of the helmets in the $250-350 range. In terms of noise and ventilation I'd say it's behind many.

    I bought mine for $550 (from memory) and still felt reamed after a couple of weeks

    Exactly. So I'm saying don't buy one.
  11. I wear a Shoei Mult-Tec and love it, its heaps better than the HJC I have (had it 4yrs) its just a better helmet.
  12. I'm digging my Shoei Multitec too. Relatively noisy as is a fliptop, but unless someone imports that BMW fliptop I drooled over in another thread, I don't really know how much better all the others _really_ are by comparison (comparing fliptop to fliptop, not to full faced).

    *waits for loz' 'Nolan kicks all other brands ar53s' blurb* :wink:
  13. What helmets are better with regards to noise as I own a Shoei and while the fit is excellent there is a fair bit of noise.
  14. Ive got a Shoei XR-1000 and love it.. could have something to do with the fact that the Shoei was the only brand that actually felt comfortable on my enormous head though...
  15. I've started a new thread:
  16. sucks that u cant get the ones from ebay.

    Massive savings on those :(

    Im thinking of risking it.....