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Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by r@ndom, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    Just thought I would give a thumbs up to the shoe.com.au site. Ordered a new helmet from them on Sunday night and it arrived Tuesday. Great service.

    Ordered online, cause I already had a helmet and knew my size so no need to try on etc...

    Also I believe this site is linked to the helmet warehouse, has the same address.
  2. Which one did you get?
  3. Awesome, thanks, I was thinking about purchasing from there.
  4. Yeah give us a pic of the lid!
  5. I also believe this, the prices, web page set up & domain address are identical.

    Funny thing is, when I question one of the owners at the shop about being one in the same; they denied it.

    Not trying to defame either business, as I have been eyeing a helmet from the website and have purchased from the shop before without an issue; but I don't get what's the reason behind the contradictory response.
  6. probably issues with using shoei.com.au being that shoei is a registered trademark, assuming that this is not part of the shoei company...
  7. Shoei XR-1100 Chroma Red TC-1


  8. Nice man, I have that helmet too except in red/black
  9. nice helmet - 1.7kg right ?
  10. Something like that
  11. Thanks it is 1.33 kg :)
  12. last one i weighed was 1.7 kg

    maybe I have it confused with the RF-1100 weighs 1746 grams

    X-12 in size XL weighs 1766 grams compared to the Shoei X-11 at 1635 grams.
  13. I'm pretty sure that site belongs to helmet warehouse as they are the importers
  14. The RF-1100 & XR-1100 are one in the same helmet.

    RF is the american and the XR is the aussie version.

  15. rephrase that, 100% positive its Helmet Warehouse
  16. I'm just going off the website specifications. Mine is a S so maybe the XL weighs a little more? But wouldn't think it was that much more.

    Nice helmets though, although I have only owned the XR-1100 so don't know what others are like.