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Shoei + 3m black reflective tape = Gay or Yay?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by QuarterWit, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. I was bored, I had some tape sitting around so I decided to do a typically rough job and have fun with my lid.





    And with a bit of flash:



    Yeah, I know it's wonky. And I've only done one side, but what do y'all reckon?
  2. *fixed*
  3. I actually kinda like that...interesting concept.
  4. pretty cool
  5. Your going to send motolegion broke :D
  6. That's actually kinda cool....
  7. 2min noodles for me for the next month
  8. I LiiiiiiiiiKe it! :D
  9. +1 looks good, something different.
  10. Checkmate Mate!
  11. forget the lid .. is that a big old double base I see in the background?

    Oh yeah .. helmet .. commend your patience .. but so gay .. sorry
  12. Awesome idea.

    Take it for a spin one night and see if people think you have a police helmet on.
  13. x2 and a p bass.

    more pics of basses :D
  14. why do I want to play chess on your head ?
  15. You live a chequered life quarterwit
  16. Hey, the puns! Thanks for the responses too. Methinks it'll stay now. I wasn't certain until mentioned the idea that it looks like a police helmet. Now I'm sold!

    And yep, there's a pbass and an upright there. There's a guitar, keyboard and tenor banjo somewhere too. In another life I was pretty heavily into the music thing but after moving states and selling a car getting my kit around is neigh on impossible. I haven't played upright in three or so years now. My chops would be completely gone. Sold my other basses too. Ah well...
  17. All my lids have ended up with small high lights of reflective tape..usually near the vents. I like it,anything to increase visibility without going over the top is a good thing. I'd like to see a few shots of ya lid in daylight too..to see how much of it lights up under sunlight.
    @ Motolegion ..you could remind members of your helmet template pdf from your site to play around with ideas.