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Shoei – TZ-R review

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by ibast, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. Shoei – TZ-R review

    I’ve said in the past that I wouldn’t buy an Arai or a Shoei. I couldn’t afford their dear helmets and I didn’t believe their cheaper helmets were worth what they were asking.

    I’ve recently trashed two helmets and was riding around with my very old and dodgy one, so I needed to replace it. The problem was the search was getting ridicules. On most modern helmets my chin hits. It seems the modern motorcyclist has devolved. Add to this a lack of service and a lack of availability of helmets, in the $250-400 range I was looking, I was becoming very frustrated.

    So, when the Shoei come on special ($650 down to $530) and taking a mates advice I bought it.

    Noise; I’ll start off on a good point and say the helmet is very quiet. It’s not so much it doesn’t make wind noise, rather the noise is insulated out.

    Shell; the shell looks very well made and the finish is good. I don’t think I would buy a helmet that was pink with purple fairies, but otherwise I don’t give a rat’s about colour scheme. Having said that, the one I got wasn’t unattractive.
  2. Vents; all of the helmets I’d been looking at had dicky vents. Not only were the mechanisms too small for gloved hands, they looked like they only had about ten operations in them. The Shoei is half a step better then that. The mechanisms look solid, but the front vent is still too small for gloved hands.

    Also the top vent doesn’t make a lot of sence. It is operated by pushing an aerofoil back. When you do it exposes two holes to the outside air and rain. They are located on the top of the helmet near the leading edge. It would have been easy to design them so they were still under the aerofoil, when it was pushed back and still have them suck the air out of the helmet. Also, they are not at the back of the helmet. It seems to me this isn’t going to work when it gets hot.

    Overall I think the venting is sub-standard.

    Comfort; put it this way, it’s not uncomfortable, but it’s not exactly the step change I expected by going to a more expensive helmet. It may get better as it wears in.

    Liner; to be honest this really is disappointing. Firstly it’s not all removable, just the cheek inserts. Secondly it really is a bit on the cheap side. It’s not the liner of a cheap helmet but it’s only half a step above that. The gel liner of the Vemar I just wrote off was far superior in quality and comfort and it was only a $350 helmet.

    So, would I pay $650 for one of these? Definitely not. Would I pay $530? Possibly, but I would, however, be doing a lot more research into helmets in the $350-$550 range.
  3. dude which part of syd are u from, i got a shoei xr1000 for that price dude, the next thing up from it, its pretty much the same, i wouldnt of paid 530 for mine as well, i think its just the name thing, would of rathered an arai, well our side of sydney has the arais from 430 and the one i was looking at buying, (the one above the condor) was 600. mate i seriously think your side of syd is definately a ripoff, go to the south side:D
  4. I'm from Liverpool. so I am on the south side. It just seemed to me all the bike shops are stocking the chinese helmets and the top of the range stuff, but nothing in between.

    I really was over it.

    It's going to be a couple of years untill I buy a new one, so the market will change again by then
  5. If you consider buying overseas (without the AS sticker), the TZ-R (known as RFX in Asia) was quoted to me as SGD$300 retail (solid colour), without shipping. Thats ~AUD260. Why do we get a AUD550 (solid colours) retail price in Australia ???

    As for the sticker, interesting to note this for tourist motorcyclists to Australia - from


    Helmets for Motorcyclists
    Motorcyclists and their pillion passengers are required to wear helmets. The helmet must comply with Australian Standard AS 1698. Helmets that comply with Snell M90 (US), ERECT (Europe), BS6658 (UK), NZS5430 (NZ), JIST-8133 (Japan) or SS9 (Singapore) standards are suitable.

    In all cases the standard label or sticker certifying compliance with the relevant standard must be clearly visible and must not be removed.

    I'm getting one without a sticker, a risk worth taking - being a financial risk only by way of a fine - the helmets are the same.
  6. south as in south south, st george area, come down from liverpool via henry lawson drive brother:D then when it splits off, go sown stoney creek rd, a couple of twists there as well, then follow it all the way down till u hit stony creek MC. there is where i got the helmet from, u will haveto do some arm twisting, but i found that the guy whose arm u wanna twist is C.N. not naming anyone, ;) but yea, there are a few bike shops in the area, just down through to kogarah as well as a couple there, they wont give u much leway, so dont bother, unless u r buying a bike there as well, but worth checking out:)

    btw u have checked out the helmet warehouse at yagoona havent ya, i was reading a advert they put out, they got some very competative prices

    anyways pm me for coffee if u r coming out ma way the weekend
  7. I went there when I was looking around for my last helmet. I didn't go back this time, but perhaps I should have since I decided to up my budget.

    The other thing I regret is not getting on to the Vemar distributor and finding out who stocked them. I didn't see any in shops when I was looking around.

    The Vemar I had only had one down side and that was it was noisy in dirty air. I think they have new models out now, so this problem may have been solved.
  8. Well, I've had the bike a few weeks, so it's time for a re-review. Thoughts in point form:

    - As it has worn in, it has become more comfortable as you would expect.

    - I've gotten used to the noise level now and I am already wondering if there are quieter helmets on the market

    - With a bit of cooler weather and a bit of moisture, it fogs up really easily. I'm not looking forward to winter, where I suspect I will need to ride with the visor open all the time.

    - It doesn't get the hot air out in warmer weather. I'm not looking forward to summer either.

    So in conclusing, the helmet is not worth anywhere near what they charge for them.
  9. Ive had one for ages.

    Its very loud, Ive heard a chin guard helps this.

    The chin vent does nothing. The top ones work pretty well as far as helmet vents go, you can feel the 2 jets of air on your head.

    I have a breath guard thing, that stops the fog issue mostly, before that it was terrible and had to crack it open every traffic lights or it fogs quickly.

    The Shoei visors are good, dont scratch easy and are UV proof so you dont get burnt in a clear visor.

    With helmets you have to go with what fits your head, not much you can do about that.
    The plain color ones are usually about $500
  10. Yeah I find they fog up very easily... it's not fun when it's raining and you are riding in the city.
  11. Yep, my TZ-R fogs easily, but found that by putting the adhesive anti-fog type to the inside of the visor works brilliantly.
  12. I replaced my stolen helmet with the tz-r. I initially planned on buying the agv airtech because it was cheap and I couldn't justify spending half a grand on a helmet. anyway, I got my tz-r at yagoona, it was the only size large they have left after the sale for the show last week.

    well, the tz-r is only my second helmet so my impressions comparative to a later model agv. I found that the helmet is lightweight and rather aerodynamic in the wind. in regards to the noise, I agree with you that the acoustics is insulated rather than reduced. I actually like the vents on the tz-r, the vents I had on the old agv were useless, I couldn't feel a thing. I sweat alot so the large holes do help. I haven't encounted any fogging as yet, sounds like you guys are having pretty hard sex with your helmet on.

    overall, I think the higher price is due to manufacturing cost, brand and all that jumbo but doesn't necessary do a better job at protecting your heard than a cheap plastic helmet.
  13. The problem is it's dearer than fibreglass and other composite helmets too.