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Shoehorning a zzr into a gpx

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Doch, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. Ahoyhoy
    Ive been able to lay my hands on a zzr 250 for free with a really good motor but the body is stuffed and I wondered if someone might have any idea on how hard it would be to swap complete engine and box assembly with my gpx 250.

    I have noticed some visual differences between the two but so far nothing that would cause any greif.

    Anyone have any sugestions or advice?
  2. Should be just about a straight swap, I think it's only the wheels and frame which are different i.e. the GPX doesn't have an alloy frame. Might be worth contacting a local bike wrecker or mechanic.
  3. Shouldn't be too difficult - both the GPX and ZZR use exactly the same engine - though I think they use different carbs which may cause an issue if there's a difference in the airbox/filter between the two bikes.
  4. yeah they have different carbs & air box...
  5. Ok, if thats the case cant he air box and card be swapped?
  6. probaly can but im geussing it may not sit dat well under the fuel tank. But i got a feeling the zzr components should be more compact, U will only know once u try. Just pllan on not riding it for a week