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Shodan's build up.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Kermie, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. It's not a cafe racer nor anything specular where the bike is striped down & built up from scratch.


    I have built up cars before so I don't believe tackling fitting aftermarket parts on a bike a big quest. I know if I do something myself it will be thorough; therefore I don't have to ponder whether the dealer and or there snotty apprentices are doing hack job at a exorbitant price they wish to charge.

    So the following is my build thread, some of it is retrospective, it will be progressive & portray's my opinion on aftermarket parts that I have chosen, following doing research on them before hand.

    Part 1.

    This first part is retrospective, "shodan" was sporting a semi street fighter look.



    I am impressed by oggy nobs australia axel and frame sliders, uses its own support brace to secure the nobs via a plate; I presume its designed that way so that if you slide it doesn't bend the frame, the build quality is great, no cut & easy to follow instructions.

    My only qualm is kawasaki's workshop manual doesn't give sufficient explanation for removing/installation for cowl, fairings etc for ZX6R, the 250R workshop manual was a lot better for my previous bike.

    Perhaps I need to take into perspective that 250R was a toy and the zx6r is not. Either way I worked it out despite being slow, I do tend to get anal ie making every bolt follows torque spec!

    Part 2.

    Managed to find some time this weekend to fit a few more parts.

    Puig dark smoked screen & cowl.

    Opted for the standard version over double bubble, prefer the OEM look. Its truly bolt on and easy to install. Quality great!

    The OEM cowl was pretty straight foward assembly and installation took less then 10 mins.


    Radguard, appears to be a quality part, unfortunately it is not truly "bolt on", lower centre cowl has to modified a little from the inside in order to fit bracket/bolt.

    Its no biggie; you cant see the modification as its done from the inside.


    Whats next?

    * Evotech tidy tail
    * Pinebox link pipe (awaiting arrival), akra CF slip on & servo buddy
    * K & N air filter & Heal tech x-TRE
  2. How about rotating the images for a start?
  3. I did edit/rotated/saved in paint shop and uploaded them to imageshack in correct alignment, for some reason imageshack has chosen to put the two photos in question back to the original alignment.

    If you know some trick that will re-correct it in imageshack, then feel free to share it.

    If not, I will have to find another free image web host.


    Moved to photobucket.
  4. photobucket worked.
    It's looking great mate :)