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Shocking attack goes viral

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Justus, Oct 12, 2014.

  1. A young man has blamed alcohol for a shocking racist tirade against a Queensland Rail security guard after it went viral online. The man was filmed by a friend verbally abusing the guard onboard a Brisbane commuter train, repeatedly calling him a "n----r", a "black c--t" and a "black dog".

    The five minute video was shared widely after the offender's friend posted it to Facebook, prompting widespread condemnation from other users.

    The incident began when the man was told the train would remain stopped until he got off, having refused to remove his feet from the seats.

    "Do you want to come to Australia and learn some proper English?" he is seen telling the Queensland Rail guard.

    "That is not the issue," the guard replies.

    He then tells the guard to "Learn some f---ing English 'cause this is Australia ... I can't understand you."

    The young male filming the encounter is heard laughing throughout the footage. After hurling abuse at the rail guard, the man begins taunting fellow passengers who protest his foul language and anti-social behaviour. He then challenges the guard to a fight, before the friend filming the incident convinces him to get off the train.

    Comments condemning the man flooded Facebook threads after the footage was posted and shared thousands of times. He was labelled "disgusting", "pathetic", a "disgrace", an "embarrassment", an "oxygen thief" and more explicit epithets.

    Around 8pm Saturday, the offender posted a status update to his Facebook page.

    "I was just drunk couldn't remember s--t so stop over reacting, but I am proud to be white!" it read.

    Around 11pm a second status update appeared on the page, expressing remorse.

    "I'm really sorry to everyone that was affected by the video I really can not remember anything out of all honesty the post made before was someone else I know this is no excuse," it read.

    "But can you all see from my point of view that I was a f----ing idiot and I'm really sorry."

    The offender is believed to be 17 years old. Queensland Police said on Saturday night they were aware of the video, and would investigate further with Queensland Rail officials on Sunday.

  2. That security guard showed an unbelievable amount of restraint.

    What an ignorant f#cktard.
  3. F***ing disgraceful.
  4. I watched the video. If I could shake the guard's hand I would. Many others would have clocked that mouthy little punk right in the cake hole, and deservedly so. The guard is clearly the better man.
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    Too much restraint.

    If he was doing his job properly, the drunk should have been removed immediately, or at the latest when backup arrived. Passenger had to step in and drunk only got off because his friend told him to - should never have gotten that far!

    At the very least, the train would have been able to continue avoiding further inconvenience to passengers. Police would also be called to attend and charge him accordingly.

    This may still be the outcome now that police are investigating.

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  6. completely disrespectful, he needs to be shot in the face.. simple!
  7. And in your professional opinion, if the guard 'man handled' the shit kicker, what would the consequences have been?

    I'm sure some scumbag, legal eagle prick concerned about their own back pocket would have pushed it to a civil court case, telling us how remorseful his piece of shit client is.
  8. Completely disagree, the guard was excellent. He didn't allow the difficult situation to get worse by turning verbal assault into probable physical assault.

    He correctly assumed that the friend/accomplise would step in to avoid a physical confrontation. This would be in keeping with violence minimisation training and police could take a leaf out of his book.

    In Victoria he'd probably end up being shot. ;)
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  9. He epitomises your average LNP voter, nothing out of the ordinary.
  10. Justus, we rarely live in an ideal world and that guard handled the situation as best as anyone could, including putting himself between the dickwad and other passengers.

    As I said, there is no doubt that if it come to fisty cuffs, some pathetic piece of shit legal eagle would have stood by said dickwad to line his or her pockets.
  11. You are either a troll or a moron, I can't make up my mind which.
  12. Nah he used more than 3 words in a sentence.
  13. At least two of which were meant to offend the other person, in which case an exception to the '3 words' rule applies.

    Check e.g Mcsenna's comment above.. :D
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    I reckon you should keep trying, you might get a response from him. You know, third time's a charm and all that.
  15. No surprise..

    Teenagers charged over racist attack

    Police have charged two men who allegedly racially abused and spat on an African security guard on a Brisbane train on October 2.

    The incident, which was captured on a mobile phone and posted online, has since gone viral on social media, being shared by thousands of people.

    The video shows a 17-year-old man who was asked to take his feet off a seat racially abusing and swearing at a guard and telling him to speak proper English.

    The 17-year-old has been charged with assault occasioning bodily harm, creating a nuisance on a railway, threatening violence, common assault and using a carriage service to menace or harass. An 18-year-old Ipswich man has been charged with creating a nuisance on a railway. Both men are due to appear in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Monday.

    Police said the investigation is ongoing and have asked witnesses to come forward.

    A Facebook page purporting to be that of the alleged offender featured contradicting comments regarding the incident, with one post claiming he was "proud to be white" before another apologised for the attack.

    "I was just drunk couldn't remember shit so stop overreacting, but I am proud to be white!" a post on the site on Saturday night read.

    It was followed up hours later with an apology, and a claim that the earlier post was not made by the alleged offender.

    "I'm really sorry to everyone that was affected by the video I really can not remember anything out of all honesty the post made before was someone else I know this is no excuse," the post read, adding the admission that he had behaved like an "idiot".

    Queensland Rail condemns 'anti-social' outburst
    Queensland Rail took to social media on Sunday morning to condemn the man's behaviour.

    "We are disgusted at the anti-social behaviour of this passenger towards one of our contracted security guards," it said.

    "We strive to provide a safe workplace for our people and to see this occur is appalling. We congratulate the train guard on his response to ask the passenger to immediately leave the train."

    Queensland Rail said it had contacted the guard's security company to offer its support to him.

    "We would like to remind passengers that we have more than 8,200 CCTV cameras installed across the network; as well as Railway Squad police officers, mobile security, dog patrols and transit offers patrolling the network."

    Prime Minister Tony Abbott, speaking in Brisbane as part of a G20 volunteers' lunch, said he "absolutely deplored" the man's verbal attack on the guard.

    "I think it's un-Australian to abuse someone in a public place just because you don't like the way they look, or you don't like the way they dress, or you make assumptions about what they believe," Mr Abbott said.

    "That's completely un-Australian."

    Queensland Premier Campbell Newman said he had spoken to the security guard, a man named Joe, and commended his behaviour.

    "I have conveyed two things to him personally. Firstly, I thought he showed admirable restraint," Mr Newman said.

    "I think he, from what I could see, responded very professionally in what was a very difficult situation, and I have thanked him for his great job as part of the Queensland Rail team. Secondly, I have conveyed to him my absolute disgust at what he was subjected to. I've told him how totally unacceptable it was."

    Mr Newman said if the train guard did not make a complaint to police, the Government would take action on his behalf.

    "We'll look at whatever we can do [to] go after this individual," he said.

    "It was not on, totally inappropriate, and frankly just some sort of Facebook apology doesn't cut the mustard, as far as I'm concerned.

    "This is Australia, you’ve got to look after one another and respect one another."

    Link: Brisbane Times

  16. I read that a little while ago and couldn't help but laugh at the sad irony embodied in Tonee's comments. Not sure if he's being serious or just trying to pull our collective leg. I'm convinced of the latter.

    This is exactly his vision, and that of his fellow party members, for Australia to be intolerant towards minorities. If anything, he should be recruiting people like the 17 year old bigot into his 'Team 'Straya'.
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  17. Comeon 2 security guards, 1 fcuktard. Either do your job or quit especially that other moron of a guard in the blue shirt, so much for backing his partner up.
  18. The moment anyone vomits the idiotic term 'un-Australian', a transformation of 1950s US McCarthySpeak, you know what you're dealing with.
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  19. To say the security guards inaction is a sign of anything is a bit of a stretch. It could be that he has experienced this kind of abuse in the past and no backed him up then, his reaction could be the result of that or anything else for that matter. I don't think we should be focusing on the victim's reaction and more the turd hurling abuse.

    @Justus@Justus What kind of penalties can the charges this guy faces carry?
  20. Does anyone actually care?

    A pissed up fcuktard takes a dig at a guard, no story.

    But because the guard happens to be "black" it's a story, if the guard was Irish and he told him to fcuk off back to paddy land would we get the same outcry?

    I wonder sometimes...