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Shocking advice ...

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by duncan_bayne, May 14, 2008.

  1. I called a local distributor (who will remain nameless until I've received a reply to my written complaint, but no it wasn't PS) to ask about winding up the rear preload on my Mito, as the standard Mito toolkit doesn't contain a c-spanner.

    The advice I received was so badly wrong it boggles the mind ...

    The other company in question - that charged me a tenner and dispensed lots of free advice & general goodwill - is Pablo's in Mulgrave. I've only ever had excellent service there & will be using them exclusively from now on.

  2. Yeah Scotty is a top bloke, he's got my Green Ninja in there at the moment. Well it's out the front but it is there
  3. Ah, the 636 currently sans engine? Noticed that one.
  4. So he leaves shocks in to adjust but takes engines out???

    Who can you trust?
  5. Yes my poor 636 is getting the gearbox rebuild. Just waiting on a selector drum from Japan. The only problem with second hand bikes is you don't know the sort of skills the last rider had, or didn't have as seems to be the case with my bike.

    Hey Ktulu can I borrow your bike for a bit?
  6. What year is yours?

    Mine is wicked overdue for a major service... and to be honest, I've worried about the gearbox's behaviour on occasion, but it's been 100% the last few months.
  7. 2002 Last of the carbies baby! In Kawka racing Green :p

    Yeah mine felt totaly fine, then one day mid corner in 3rd gear, just rolling on the thottle to drive out of the turn she jumped out of gear, engine span up 2 odd grand RPM and then slamed back into gear.

    I wouldn't reconmend it.
  8. Aaaah k, mine is 2002 also. Yes, last of the carbies, first of the 636's :)

    Why does the engine need such serious work?
  9. *Puts on explaining hat*

    Right, so here goes.

    Engine is all good. I needed to get the timing chain and the timing chain tenioner done, which is apparently something you need to keep an eye on. So get it checked :)

    And then my gearbox problem devoloped. The thing is that the 636 doesn't use a casette type gearbox and that the gear box housing is build into the bottom/end of the engine block, so to get to the gearbox, you've got to get the engine out and have it all spread out across a work bench to get to the gearbox so scotty can say to me, "See that? It's F%#@!ed" You need this big list of parts and I'll take a nice stack of your cash and your left kidney. The funny thing is that I'm still paying insurance for a bike that I won't have ridden in a month. :(

    The big thing is that the selector drum, which is one of my stuffed parts, comes as a compleate assembly from Kawasaki and they didn't have one here, so I'm waiting for it to come from Japan, then I get it all put back together and then I get my bike back.

    Yes, being seprated is killing me
  10. Bit of a pain in the ass for sure.

    Can you give me a ball park figure on what it is costing?
  11. The store in question - the one that told me they'd have to remove my Mito's rear shock in order to adjust the preload - is Moto One. I still haven't had a reply from them, so sent the following today:

    Still waiting ...
  12. and with that mob you'll probably be dead before you get a reply...
  13. They really do themselves no favours that mob.

    Everything they seem do is bad..

    When I asked them for a price on a BMW bike I waited 3 days for a return call.

    I called them back (Harold in particular) and asked him again, the reply I got was "I'm too busy to get you a price, there are people lining up to give me money" That is verbatim!!!!!

    Nice one Harold, ya twit!!!