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Shocker: Friday Baclava not available!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nearlyempty, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. ... so instead, I have a raspberry Friande & a lemon tartlet for my 10:30'ses (& the cafe owner has a black eye & broken kneecaps).

    It just doesn't seem Friday without my baclava.

  2. So until you have that you'll be nearly empty.....??
  3. Sorry folks, not really a topic for discussion.

    Talking bo[[ocks today (it's like yesterday, happening all over again).
  4. What is a baclava?
  5. Its a hood that you wear under your helmet to keep your head warm!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. It's Greek. Pronounced Bacla-vaaa.

    Layers of filo pastry intermixed with layers of crushed nuts and soaked in syrup (reminds you what your heart is for).

    My local cafe owners' wife makes her own (she is greek) and it is the best.
    It just doesn't feel like a Friday without it.
  7. How can you expect him to have your 10:30'ses ready by 9:46, FFS!
    Fair's fair.
    (and somebody come up with a topic worthy of our valuable work time as well, FFS :p )
  8. Someone with a back fettish!
  9. After I pointed out that he had loads last night, he then had the gall to say that he had thrown it all out!
    I asked him, "But why didn't your wife make some more?", but he didn't have an adequate reply, merely spewing some nonsense such as she didn't get home until 10 o'clock last night. That was a whole 9 and a half hours before I went in to the cafe. I mean, how long does it take to make, for God's sake???
    He needs to be firmer with her.
  10. its not the shortest of procedures but not 9 and half hours....unless it was a huge one... the size of a table...... with unflavoured preservatives in it.. that had different kinds of syrup in different sections... with a nice pattern in the pastry....

    mmmm... shotty the bowl
  11. B@stard!!! Somebody get a rope, boys. There's a' gonna be a hangin' :evil:
  12. OHHHH that is Sacrilegious. You have not been blessed with the knowledge and good fortune of baclava. It is the worlds best pastry treat, the best thing you'll ever taste. No good Kebab shop would be without it. No self respecting cafe would not have it available. It coms in all different shapes and sizes.....the nuts are walnuts and pistachio's, the filo pastry is divine and the syrup is just oh so sweet.

    *drool* I'm off to find some baclava.
  13. I propose a new Forum Topic....

    Called TGIF (Thank God It's Friday) where all such topics of vital end of week importance are posted and discussed in he minutest detail.

    Nearly Empty, you have my gravest sympathy and understanding...
    I applaud your self control in only kneecapping the proprietor for his heinous crime. I hope the coming weekend has not been totally ruined for you.

    Baclacva, next to a good old fashioned snot-block (that's a custard slice to the uneducated people) is the ducks guts.. the bees knees.. the pinacle of Friday 10:30'snessness and it's afficionado's should be treated with due respect.

    I might write to my local member about this, what is the world coming to....


    (who's local corner shop had better have saved me that last snot-block, or there'll be BIG trouble in little Snug, I woke up to a leaking roof, and I aint going to be trifled with..... oooo trifle, now there's a thought)
  14. vanilla slice where I come from 8)
  15. The Bond Store, on Riverside drive next to the Eureka Tower on Southgate (over the road from where the new Belgian Beer Cafe is going). Only the best in town ;-)

    Dammit, my secret is out!
  16. OH "Vanilla" is it.........bloody upper class snobs!

    Next you'll be telling me they use real milk in your capuchino's............

    And butter instead of margarine.....

    I bet, secretly, you wish there was a volvo tintop, and a BMW bike in your carport.......no, make that your GARAGE .....

    Vanilla... pffft (spoken in best "Basil Fawlty" voice :wink:)

    (your right of course, it is vanilla slice, when not called by it's proper name of snot-block)

  17. :shock:
    Can you do that? I didn't know it had an address.

  18. Bloody hope so...

    My wife tells me it's where my brains live :eek:
  19. Tell you are a Queenslander . You should see what they call some things down here , Victorians are strange :LOL: .