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Shock Treatment

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Speedy, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. I went for a ride on Saturday morning to a magical place in the foothills of the Blue Mountains where old bikes are magically turned into new bikes again for a fresh lease on life.
    The place, Shock Treatment, is located in Wallacia and is owned by the doyen of motorcycle suspension in Australia, Terry Hayes.
    The poor old Bandit is now 10 years old with 132000km on its sad original suspension. A day with Terry has transformed the bike.
    Front suspension replaced by Race Tech fork springs and gold valves. Terry found the forks were bent....no worries, he straightened them up pronto!
    Rear suspension, non rebuildable OEM shock, promptly and efficiently rebuilt with new valving and spring.
    Terry took the time to measure things up properly to suit my weight and riding style then spent from 9:00am till 4:30pm doing all the work, replacing bits here and there, making up bits that were needed (from scratch on his own lathe), usinf the knowledge and skills he has gained over 17 years to prove why he is considered in many circles to be number 1 in his profession!
    Not only was he good, careful and thorough in his work, but he welcomed me to stand by him, watching everything he did, and explaining every step along the way, its benefit and impact on my riding and the handling of the bike.
    When I finally got to throw my leg over the finished product, it was a brand new bike I was riding!
    It's amazing how you don't notice how poorly your suspension is working until it's made new again, then all the failings that you have put down to road/tyre pressures, riding skills etc are addressed and yes, it was the bike, not you!
    Anyone who has more than about 50000km on their steed, or just wants their suspension tuned to suit their riding could do not better than give the guy a call.
    The level of service, knowledge, skills and just downright friendliness gets no better than Shock Treatment.

  2. +1 and more.....

    if you do track days or any racing (mainly in NSW), you'll find Terry or Grant there and they provide on track advise as well. So the suspension they set up for you is supported there as well.

    They've done 4 of my race bikes and my road bike as well.

    Good people!