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Shock Treatment 10/10

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Zippah, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. (massive) Free Plug to Terry Hay's Shock Treatment!

    Had my S4 Monster suspension done today.

    I had heard good things about Terry Hay's Shock Treatment, so when I rang last week to discuss my suspension issues, Terry suggested it could be easily resolved, but given the 10+ years and the unknown history with previous owners, there could be some surprises, so He gave me a firm quote to do 'everything' that I had requested - and I booked it in.

    Fast forward to today, and I take the bike over. The shop is neat, and there is a very professionally run outfit going on in this shed. A place for everything, and everything in it's place.
    The Boys are onto it straight away - no mucking around.
    I have the preload checked, and Terry goes for a quick ride to confirm my communication about the handling issues.

    5 minutes later, he's back and within 15 minutes, the rear damper is out and the forks are off, and the lads in the shop are busy stripping the forks and damper down.
    Fortunately, no nasty surprises inside the forks or rear damper, Terry has done his sums and selects a Racetech gold valve and shim stack, machines some new parts, and selects a new Eibach spring for the rear.

    The technical crew are quick and methodical, and great guys, with a good sense of Humour. Lots of jokes about me ending up 8' under after paying the bill because of the pictures I am taking - exposing all their suspension secrets while they are working. :LOL:

    By Morning tea, the bike's forks are almost done and the rear damper is being setup with the new spring.

    The bike is reassembled by lunch and 3 short test rides later, the verdict is out: Absolutely out of this world.

    Not only is the change such an improvement, the settings Terry applied to the forks and rear damper before refitting them were within a 1-click minor adjustment for my riding style and setup.

    The hardest thing was setting the preload on the new rear spring, the S4 monster is a bugger to get at the spring collar at the best of times, and it was hard work for the guys getting access to the collar, but it is spot on.

    So a huge thankyou and a serious case of "I couldn't recommend these guys enough" .
    To say that I am mighty impressed is a massive understatement.
    The transformation is incredible, and what makes it more impressive, is the fact that the forks and rear damper were perfectly serviceable units with no problems, before Terry and the guys worked their magic.
    It just shows what results are possible when an experienced professional applies their knowledge.

    I had gone about troubleshooting my setup methodically and after 3 months of continuous adjustments to rebound and compression, I was simply unable to get near to the adjustment I needed. Terry told me about the limitations of the setup as much before I booked the bike in, but I simply was not prepared for the massive improvment in the actual results of what I saw these guys do with my suspension.

    They made it look easy- which is the part that really astonishes.

    The knowledge of tuning, valving and setup is expert. To be so accurate in setup straight 'out of the box' (so to speak) is testimony to the fact that These guys really know their stuff.

    For less than the cost of a new rear damper (which was my original plan) I had racetech valves in the front, revalved and resprung Sachs rear, plus a weight matched setup which perfectly reflects my riding style.

    The bike handles beautifully, and even in the rain on the way home, I felt 100 times more confident in the feedback the front was giving and where the rear was going. Everything working in perfect synergy. No exaggeration here, I am seriously gobsmacked at just how much better the bike handles (and here I was thinking I'd have to toss the forks as well as the rear damper..)

    Just cant wait to get it back out on the track for a real flogging now.

    Here are some pictures

    So if you are struggling with getting your setup right, then I couldn't recommend the Crew at Shock Treatment more highly. Very professional, and no BS. The results speak for themselves.

    Thanks Guys! :beer:
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  2. Yep, +1 they did my track bike. I took the forks/shock in to them, picked them up the next weekend and refitted them.

    Next track day was brilliant. I can't wait to take my road bike in.
  3. Terry's a gent. Thumbs up from us :beer:
  4. They did my Husky dirtbike and Laverda roady,wish I could get the Pantah done as well