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Shock! Police blame Vic Easter road toll on speed.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Gromit, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. Article here

    Perhaps, but it might be helpful for the police to say something about other factors instead of beating the same old drum.

    I guess the car that ended up in the drink at Queenscliff (killing 3 soldiers) must have been speeding.

    And the 51 year-old cyclist who collided with a truck in Clayton.

    And the motorcyclist decapitated by roadside furniture at that roundabout in Braeside.

    Not to mention the chap killed in the head-on crash near Swan Hill (someone must have been on the wrong side of the road, but it would have been fine if they weren't speeding???).

    This is just absurd, and an insult to our intelligence.

  2. haHA!

    I challenge you to find a higher concentration of bullshit in ANYTHING than this has.

    I need my own television show.
  3. Speeds in excess of 260kph contributed to a mighty fine day at the Phillip Island track yesterday.

    I simply don't understand why I'm still alive though. The govt. assures me that I must be dead a hundred times by now.

    What am I doing wrong?
  4. No, I'm not up to the task. :LOL:
  5. Careful Cathar, they might install a speed camera on the main straight! :LOL:
  6. Yep, ABC radio had one of the usual suspects (road safety expert from Monash Uni) telling us all that the only really effective strategy now is to reduce speeds across the board. By that he is saying reduce speed limits EVERYWHERE, and increase penalties.
    These people are completely out of ideas. Just reciting their own mantra now.
  7. Maybe they mean that if they were all stationary, then no one would have crashed, but I doubt that they mean that. Maybe they are confusing speed with interia. Or do they mean that they weren't driving/riding to the road conditions even though they may have been travelling within the speed limit? I don't understand why they say such things about people who are not here to defend themselves.
  8. .. and I bet the two seventy-plus year olds killed on the first day of the weekend had the pedal to the metal and the radio blaring Motorhead too :roll:.
  9. The first fatality of the weekend was a pedestrian that 'fell' onto the roadway in front of a truck.

    We obviously need urgent legislation to restrict the speed of pedestrians!

  10. Yes, obviously the speed of the pedestrian prior to him falling on the roadway was a major contributing factor.
  11. No, that pretty much sums it up in a nutshell. At any time when the speed is anything above stationary, then speed is a contributing factor, and that is all that the statement means.

    Of course, they'd like us to believe that they're really talking about excessive speed, but really they only trot out the "contributing factor" statements to facilitate the spin around the "Speed Kills" campaigns.
  12. [quote="pete the freak]Careful Cathar, they might install a speed camera on the main straight! :LOL:[/quote]

    Ummm. The first handheld speed cameras (modified radar units) were tested at Sandown during the practice for the Sandown 500 many years ago to give them the chance to try them on vehicles travelling at greater than 200km/h (my useless trivia for the day).

    Inappropriate excessive speed possibly contributed to some of the crashes including the rider but the more likely cause is a mechanical failure of the nut behind the wheel (or handlebars) of one of the vehicles involved.

    EDIT to fix "quote" up
  13. :( but it wasn't my fault at all! True!! :cry:
  14. Re: The queenscliffe accident - speed + alcohol may have contributed, but stupidity most likely the winner. Couple of army boys on the way back to base from the pub, ford rental falcon given a major dose of herbs over the causeway accross swan bay and appear to have missed the dogleg in the bridge. Herbs applied sufficent to wake nearby neighbours... Darwin must have been watching, since the spot the car went in was about the only spot where its deep enough to do damage. Given the bridge is at best 10ft wide and leads on to a very narrow gravel track, why you would possibly want to race accross it remains a real mystery :?:

    Stupidity kills >> speed.
  15. Yeah the bridge is narrow and has a nice hump in it to allow small boats to pass under which would encourage (when the gate security isn't there) to go hard and try to get air but the road is sealed. I been on Swan Island last year for work purposes and although the bridge is narrow and has a severe load rating the rest of the road is sealed and normal width.
  16. Funny how what is probably the most heavily policed state (Victoria) got the highest road toll? Maybe this is due the the heavy policing frustrating the shit out of everyone rather than speed?

    I think it has got to the state where motorists are looking out for police and watching there speedo's rather than concentrating on there driving!

    On the brighter side, all the ususal "speed kills" they are raming down our throats did catch several thousand motorists in a speeding blitz in Queensland over the long weekend, so there should be a great Christmas Ball for the cops this year!
  17. No doubt a lot of track day goers would love this. Having souvenir of your PB at PI to frame in the workshop, shed or above the bar would be kinda neat.
  18. Anecdotal evidence from one rider who did Melbourne to Sydney on Easter Monday - I was doing within 2kph of the speed limit the whole way and NO-ONE was speeding at all on the Hume or the citylink roads. I had not one single vehicle, not even a taxi, pass me while at exactly the speed limit.

    Then I crossed the border into NSW and it started. I was getting passed regularly, this despite the double demerits in NSW over Easter.

    So from what I saw(very small proportion I know, but), Vic drivers seemed very well behaved on the high-speed roads over Easter.

    I think these authorities are getting lost in their own bullshit. They have read too many studies saying even 5kph makes a big difference and they see a fatal accident where if a driver was doing 30kph less, then they'd be alive. They think that 30kph isn't such a big deal to wash off to stay alive but this is just armchair quarterbacking. In all road management decisions they really seem to losing focus on the fact that ROADS PROVIDE A UTILITY. Taxpayers get slugged a fortune for these roads so we have a right to expect a road that provides the utmost utility. Dropping speed limits due to factors other than speeding reduces that utility unnecessarily and is basically a ripoff when they should be directing their efforts into the 70% of non-speeding related crash causes.
  19. Interesting observation. I rode up to Canberra and back a few weeks ago, and noticed that drivers in the ACT seem much more likely to speed in urban areas than drivers here in Vic.

    To be honest, I found it a little un-nerving...
  20. In fact, I believe it was one (1) study carried out by the University of Adelaide that provided this gem of information that has since been used to justify 'Wipe of 5' campaign in Victoria. Interestingly, this campaign was meant to 'Wipe of 5kmh from you speeding motorists' not 'Go 5kmh under the speed limit'.

    Road safety is an industry and industries need funds to sustain them. I therefore become sceptical of the motivations of some of the studies. I hear that Red Flags* will shortly be provided to all motorists to cut down on the road toll.

    * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Locomotive_Act

    Found this:


    and this:


    This rebuttal from the NZ site of the Adelaide research:

    http://www.fastandsafe.org.nz/Pages/Facts/KloedenCritique/index.htm with links to the original paper.

    I have never seen the study before, but even my non statistical mind was going 'What the?!'.

    The next time Noel Ashby is on the 3AW safety show (Neil Mitchell), I'd love some of the more eloquent and capable NR's to call in and actually query him on the facts and figures. Just ask basic questions justifying the entire basis of the 'Wipe of 5' campaign.