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Shock ! Horror! Cager saves my life!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by resurrection, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. Sunday in SA was a perfect day for riding, so what else would I be doing but....riding.
    Thought I'd go exploring different to my usual roads and found myself, after much fun, on the infamous (over here anyway) Gorge Road.
    Wow it IS hell good. However, there is one corner in particular that is a death trap for the unwary.
    Intending riders take note: If you're travelling from Adelaide to Cudlee Creek there is a long sweeping left hander signposted as 50k, so you can imagine the speed you do round it, BUT you may find as I did that lurking 'round the bend is an intersection (I sure as hell didn't notice any sign- (Firefling knows about that)) and about to enter the intersection from virtually head on was a fortunately "aware" driver and she stopped in her tracks. I was totally screwed if she hadn't.
    Three cheers and credit where credit's due.
    Phew! :grin:

  2. Bloody motorbike riders!!!
  3. That would be THE motorcycle aware driver in Adelaide. Lucky you caught them. <Puts on really poor David Attenborough voice>They are elusive and well camouflaged amongst the seemingly identical drivers who display sloth-like reactions to danger. It is indeed incongruous that Darwin's theory of evolution seems to have forsaken this particularly adept breed of driver in this part of the world, less they become the dominant breed within their natural environment.

    Tried to stay clear of that road myself. Just as likely to get taken out by a bike losing it coming round a bend than any wayward WRXs. Or the trucks cutting the corner on the tight bends. Or come acropper on a bend where a recent rock fall has just deposited obstacles the size of soccer balls.
  4. she must have been a rider herself, to know to look for you!

    never been on that road, too many horror stories.

    after hearing yours, it hasn't changed my mind!
  5. i hope u learned a valuable lesson here 'resurrection' cause if she didnt see u wouldnt be 'resurrecting'
    take it easy mate and live to ride another day

  6. WTF :?: :?: :?: :?:

    You been drinkin'?

    No, why dont you tell us what speed you were doing :shock:
  8. ------------------------------------------------------
    WTF You been drinkin'?
    I would expect what Troy wrote
    to mean SLOW DOWN on that corner ....
  9. yes lol thanks 'revilo'
    next time i will just say it in plain english :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    ...slow down and take your time......
  10. Yes... don't think I'll be heading there anytime soon either. A work collegue of mine's fiance died on that road just before Christmas 2004 (two weeks before their baby was born). :cry:
  11. don't think she saved your life, she just didn't happen to kill you.
  12. Obviously I would be riding at 80k which was the speed limit - why would you ask? :eek:

  13. So you fcuked up and she didn't kill you. that doesn't count as saving your life really. I've been down the Gorge road almost the entire distance with the throttle opened as far as it goes in top gear and never had any problems. Dunno what your problem is.
  14. wow!
  15. its a very scenic drive/ride

    i took a group of RX-7s up there on a sunday cruise. not one of us had ever been on that road in the day time.. similer to you guys we tend to hug the corners and hold higher than average motorists speeds thru there. but the day light sunday drive with 15 RX-7s was a sobering one. we kept them to the speed limit and made them really see how bad that road was..
    new found respect to the conditions and the dangers of those roads.

    you where very lucky. ive seen many close calls up there between cars and bikes and generally speaking it would be the bikes faults for excessive speed everytime..

    enjoy your ride.. good to hear you came home safe..

    hope you remeber that intersection nexttime ;)
  16. In learner courses they teach you that if you can't see around the corner then don't assume that its clear there....in other words make sure you see 5 seconds in front of you......as a newbie i practice this

    Was wondering do all you veterans do this aswell? cause by the sounds of things none of you do!
  17. well congratulations on your enormous testicles then.

    bike riding is dangerous as it is - i'm still not inclined to deliberatly ride as fast as humanly possible along the road that has the highest bike fatality count in SA.

    I DO however travel up grand junction rd, through houghton & gumeracha to birdwood on a semi-regular basis - that road's got enough thrills for me.
  18. maybe on a 50cc scooter or postie bike , but i would like to see you do it on the ZX12
    i have travelled it and you CANT take it flat out on any big bike, not even a harley.
  19. Sounds abit like our version of Old Road or RNP in Sydney.

    I like the look of it though!!

  20. I have issues with things I can't see around the corner.
    I OVER analyze what i can't see. And start thinking what if there is a truck, stick, cow oh the list goes on.

    I assume the road continues, but I can guarantee it's clear and free from shite on it.