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Shock Doctor - Knee Braces

Discussion in 'Everything Else' at netrider.net.au started by Respi, Feb 22, 2013.

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    Hi All,

    A quick reminder of why I'm doing the review.
    Hit & Run accident 3 years ago resulting in Tibial Plateau Fracture of the right knee.
    As a result:
    - I cannot run.
    - I cannot jump.
    - I cannot move laterally without pain or fear of failure.
    - I cannot Squat.
    - I cannot kneel.
    - I cannot straighten my leg fully.
    - I hate stairs, up or down.
    - I can only walk short distances.

    I needed a brace that gave me stability without restricting what functional movement I had left. I also wanted something that protected my knee from lateral movement and hyper extension, two very possible situations in an off on a bike.

    I know it was a lot to ask for but I found it and can happily say that the Shock Doctor 875 is streamlined enough to fit under my leathers without interfering with what movement I would need.

    Shock Doctor: Model 875

    I also purchased the 870 Model for my day to day use as it still offers create support and protection without as much bulk as the 875 model.

    If you suffer from knee joint and or stability issues, I highly recommend the Shock Doctor product. I rang the Australian Distributor who pointed me to Paul's Warehouse or Rebel Sport.

    more info regarding this product can be found at
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  2. Great post.

    Good luck with your recovery...........

    As an ex-competitive cyclist I know knee injuries well - not fun and very permanent.....

    Keep your chin up......keep up the exercise and strengthening....... :D
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