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:shock: Another death???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Dec 2, 2006.

  1. Because once you're going to get booked for 2k's over, you're already cop-checking like crazy so you might as well 30 over while it's safe to do so.
    (yes, I know - article doesn't mention speed... I'm just sayin's all)

    *merged into, prolly...

    That sucks. Condolences to friends & family. Unfortunate for all involved.
  2. Camrys drivers are the WORST! Always straddling lanes and most often driven by old people or people who dont understand road rules
  3. Not sure why you say that Paul.

    Motorcycle deaths to Midnight Nov 30th:
    NSW 59
    VIC 42

    And given that they've indicated charges will be laid, it's safe(r) to assume that the rider was not at fault in this instance.
  4. Not a criticism, cejay, just a comment. But it does seem that the Victorian incidents are reported more prominently??? I guess my comment was driven by the fact that there was also two motorcycle deaths yesterday...

    {Maybe there's a lot more riders down there too, eh :) ??}
  5. RIP


    where did the numbers come from?

    Motorcycle deaths to Midnight Nov 30th:
    NSW 59
    VIC 42
  6. Interesting way of writing the article

    "Officers say charges may be laid in relation to the incident, in which a Toyota Camry travelling west along Keilor Road was struck by a motorcycle travelling in the same direction."

    The Camry was struck by the motorcycle!?!?! :shock:
    Chances are it happened the other way around, gotta love media bias

  7. Maybe more melbourne netriders reporting more melbourne news. Maybe melbourne media is more likely to report rider deaths because Bracks is a twit and hates bikes (powered)?
  8. Ch10 just mentioned this one. They said the Camry made a right hand turn and the motorcycle travelling in the opposite direction collided with the car.
  9. my mum was telling me about this just after it happened, I didn't want to post up without knowing certain details.

    Apparently a friend of a friend of my mums was turning right, didn't look (or whatever) and the biker hit her.

    Mum only found out because it was near my house and someone told her so she could find out where i was at the time.

    At this point I'm told police are investigating to see if the rider was speeding.
  10. Lets just for a moment say the rider was going a little faster than they should have been...
    So? Yes they could have stopped faster, but failiure to lo0k and faliur to indicate are what causes a lot of these accidents. Speed may be what makes tehm fatal, but Drivers with NFI Is what causes most of them in the first place.
  11. ...

    Where did I say that the rider was at fault?
  12. Heck, just catching up with the news on telly, a few folk down and gone in my backyard too (M'ton Peninsula) - RIP - becoming too common, this 'rider down', 'rider death' etc etc - makes you think of your own mortality eh.
  13. My information is that the car backed out of a car park into the path of the bike, that's coming from a shop employee where it happened on Keilor Rd.
    So with all the different scenarios, I would be hesitant to attempt to lay blame anywhere yet.
  14. While I agree drivers make lots of stupid mistakes, sometime proving fatal :( there are some stats around that suggest we bikers are our own worst enemies.
  15. I didn't suget you did.
    I was pointing out that so often accidents are caused by people not looking, but so often the police do all they can to attribute it to speed.

    There are also stats that identify that in a majority of incidents involving a car and bike it is the car at fault... But I am not actually talking only about car/bike incidents. A Lot of car/car incidents have teh same cause. lack of observation, and lack of indication.
  16. Coming home from work tonight I was listening to the 7pm news on 3AW (local station's feed). They said that over the past 24hrs that 4 motorcyclists were killed.

    It gives me a sort of gut wrenching feeling when you start to hear numbers like this.
  17. 6

    I heard on the news that 6 motorcyclysts were killed in VIC today...
  18. In SA from what you hear on the news, you'd think that every motorcycle death was solely attributed to excessive speed.