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Shivering in the snow...

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Grumply, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. I had an interesting little ride on my Shiver today, I'd had a bit of a mongrel of a weekend, it was just about single-handedly ruined by a friend of mine who made plans to go out on Friday night, then left me high and dry; followed by him bailing on me for a day trip to the snow that we’d planned for today (Sunday) ruining my Saturday night as well because I’d made no plans because I was expecting an early night to head up to the snow first thing Sunday.

    However, mad as I was I woke up to sunshine this morning, so I decided a ride was in order. I contemplated heading down the coast along the Great Ocean Road (which I haven't ridden yet), but figured the nice weather would have the roads clogged with cars, so elected to head into the high-country instead.

    So I packed warm, threw a little lunch and some water in a bag and off I went. The air was pretty crisp but the sun was shining and the roads were mostly dry so it was a lovely day to be out on the bike. Headed up through the hills to Marysville via the Black Spur. The aftermath of the fires is still very present, but the landscape it’s left behind is amazing, regrowth is thoroughly underway at the moment, so the forests are filled with these amazing black pillars of burnt trees covered in lush green regrowth, it’s an eerie but beautiful landscape to travel through.

    The first half of the ride all went very smoothly, the roads were dry so the going was good (the temperature dropped from 14 degrees down to 7-8 degrees in the hills, but I was rugged up so it wasn’t too bad). I stopped for lunch in Marysville, the majority of buildings are still temporary shipping crates and the like, sad to see but the visit out there and the people stopping for lunch/coffee is bringing some money back into the town.



    The second half of the trip, the return leg, I decided to take the Reefton Spur, a road I haven’t ridden before. It took me into a higher elevation than the ride in, so I was expecting the roads to possibly be a bit damper. I wasn’t disappointed on that front. However the road was completely empty, so I had the twisties all to myself (which was lucky because between the wet patches and the tree debris on the road, I had to go pretty cautiously).

    As the road took me higher up I saw the temperature on the Shiver’s dash drop and drop. From 10 degrees to 8, from 8 down to 6, and eventually to 3 degrees (pretty friggin’ cold at speed). And then I saw it… snow lining the sides of the road!



    Actually seeing it whilst on a motorcycle of all things was really pretty exciting.

    The only problem was, with the temperature down to 3 degrees, my hands were bitingly cold and almost completely numb, which along with my shivering left leg, forced me to slow down even further for fear of not having complete control of the bike.

    However all of a sudden as I came around a corner I saw the shape of a couple of bikes by the side of the road catch my eye. Could it be? YES! It was a pair of Aprilia Dorsoduros (the sister bike to my Shiver)! And not just any old Dorsos they were both the limited-edition 'Factory' versions.


    I got all excited so pulled over next to them to have a chat with guys. To try and put a little perspective on my excitement, the Shiver and Dorso are extremely rare down here. I’ve never actually seen another Shiver on the road before, and these were the very first Dorsos I’d seen outside of a dealership. So to run into them on an isolated stretch of mountain road… pretty exciting stuff.

    I stopped to have a chat to the guys, and apparently they’re the only two ‘factory’ Dorsos on the road in Australia. Beautiful looking machines, all carboned up. So we admired each others bikes for a while then I continued on home.

    Reefton Spur is a lovely stretch of road, but it was sadly too cold and too damp to enjoy properly. Still, Spring isn’t too far off now! As for the bike, she performed superbly. At 224km, this was the longest day I'd spent on the Shiver so far, and the riding position remains superbly comfortable for longer distances, my knees didn't hurt at all (a serious problem on my old Monster, even with lowered footpegs), and it was mostly just the cold on my hands that was a put-off.

    True to the Italian motorbike experience however, I did have the glass of my right-hand mirror fall out a kilometre out from Marysville, cracking in a dozen different parts, I pulled over, picked it up and put it back on, but now I need to get a replacement from Rizoma :( I'm slowly coming to accept that these things simply happen if you ridden an Italian bike...

    Well that's the end of my little story for the day, hope you enjoyed.
  2. Moved to the appropriate forum, next time I'll just delete the post

  3. i have a mongrel every morning :D

    good to see snow where it shouldnt be, global warming eh :)
  4. Nice story Grumply. We went for a ride down the cost with the sunday learner ride yesterday but it was down the other way towards sorrento and arthurs seat.

    You must of been wrapped when your saw those 2 dorsos lol. After our ride yesterday on the way back we popped by Ringwood and while waiting for a friend funnily enough I saw a shiver ride by with stock cans and then 5 mins later I see another shiver with loud aftermarket cans. I know the way you feel when you saw those 2 bikes.

    Pity about the mirror falling off.
  5. Great report.
    Although you were cold, the fact it was in the middle of winter and there was snow makes it a great report.
    Yes it's great this time of the year with minimual traffic, only down side can be debris on the roads just after strong winds.
    Ride all year I say!
  6. That's the spirit!

    Nice ride report,your mates loss not to have gone. I'm glad you didn't fester at home and waste a great weekend.
  7. Nice little write up mate, thanks.
    Just makes me wish i had more time to spare to get out more often....really got to get a babysitter that wants no money......:)
  8. +1 for the baby sitter, and nice write up.
  9. Awesome write up, Grumps!

    Quite jealous, of your bike, their bikes and the ride you got to do!

    :D Can't hardly wait to get to Victorian roads :D
  10. Thanks fellas! The photos have actually finally convinced one of my friends to come on a day trip with me as a pillion, so there's an added positive! :D

    I actually rode about 10m past the Dorsos before it clicked, so I spun the bike around went back to them! A real thrill to see them given the odds.

    How was the ride down the coast? Beautiful day for it.

    And two Shivers in one day?! I'm impressed mate. We're they the regular models or the GT ones? (I hear they're moving more of the GTs down here in Australia).

    I'll have to get some aftermarket pipes on mine soon enough, the Shiver just sounds too good with them to ignore.

    Cheers mate, it really was something quite different and special. The debris on the Reefton Spur on the way home was pretty scary though, between that and the wet roads (and the shadows coming through the tree canopy and making the road even harder to read) it felt pretty hairy guiding her home.
  11. Yeah I can imagine the same happened when I saw the shivers as at first I couldn't believe it but then I'm like crap that was a shiver and they're unmissable with the gold frames.

    Definitely a beautiful day but as we stayed in low ground we didn't get any of the nasty cold you did.

    I was also surprised seeing 2 shivers in succession and they were the regular and not the gt ones. As much as I like the bol dor which is a model of the cb400 with a bikini fairing I still haven't gotten to like the gt version of the shiver as yet. I think they look better in full naked form.

    Just order the pipes off af1 or wherever and I'm sure you'll be happy.