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Shiver me timbers from hobart

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by polarbear, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. Hey all,

    Finally bit the bullet and jumped the first post hurdle! :shock: Hoorah! :grin:
    My names rob, I live in hobart, I'm a apprentice chef (Almost finished). Started riding on the family farm, on a 1979 GT 80! ha! Which I'm trying to restore when time and money allow. Had a break from bikes for about 10 years, now the proud owner of a VTR 250. Got 9 months left on restrictions and have a lot to learn!
    Looking forward to many (paced) hoons and meeting heaps of ya'll!

    Oh and the Girlfriends stoked she won't have to listen to as many bike rants! :p
  2. hey there, welcome to the forums....
  3. Welcom!
  4. Welcome. Good to see another Tassie learner hooked up.

    We had a few turn out for the ride last weekend including two learners on VTR250's. Seems like a popular bike. What colour is the VTR? I'll keep an eye out for you around town.

    Check out the Tas Tuesday coffee night thread as its sometimes serves as the defacto Tassie forum.


  5. What an appropriate nick for a Taswegian in winter, Rob :LOL:.

    A warm welcome to the friendly forum :).
  6. Cheers for the welcoming welcomes everyone! Stoked! :grin:

    Hi Techno, heard about the ride last week from mycal666 (In the same class at drysdale), would of liked to of tagged along but I've been up the west coast visiting family. Was kinda interesting taking the ol 84 corolla seca through the road to nowhere (watch out for fallen tree's on road :shock: ) back to hobart...

    My bikes black and my leathers are black with blue/white arms. Usually wobboling around the brooker, or down south. Oh, checked out the tuesday night thread. Might even pop in after work... prob a bit late finishing though..

    Glad you like the nickname hornet, nature shows are a terrific source of inspiration :) :cool:
  7. hi polarbear and welcome
  8. Welcome!

    Good nick...man how cold is it today?!
    Hope to see you around on a ride or at Joes.. :grin:
  9. Is positively tropical compared to yesterday. Mined ewe, I haven't been outside yet.

    Welcome Polarbear. All these apprentice chefs, I better organise a bbq bonfire in the shed.

    Might leave it a month till the weather settles :p