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shitty shitty roads

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by POPEYE, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. just want to vent on the state of sydney roads especially after the rain we have had & the lack of attention they get when you get gaping holes in them....i have just moved back to the northern beaches & have to commute 27km to rosebery...thank God bikes can use the T3 lane & bus lanes!

    the most worrying is the random holes that have opened up causing my little 250 to bottom out or the front end to bounce.

    inbound to broadway bus lane i was cruising along when bam i hit one of those long 'camel humps' in the road, you know the ones that create a ripple usually in the middle of the lane they can be up to 4-6 inches high.....damn i got a tank slapper! about 7-8 cycles...lucky my hands were relaxed, i did nothing & didn't even touch the brake lever, bike just righted itself. For the last 2x cycles bike was horribly crossed up under me & i thought i am going down!

    Or the 3 inch hole thats opened up outbound on flinders st just before entry into south dowling st...hit that so hard by balls were sore for an hour!

    thank god i am upgrading might even consider a motard, atleast something with a steering damper & big bike suspension...

    FFS the roads in China are 10x better than this!
  2. I agree with you!

    A lot of Sydney roads aren't even suitable for cars, let alone motorbikes.
  3. Both of the times i've been to sydney i've been amazed by the state of your roads. Its shocking, down here we've got it pretty good, most roads are pretty even and clear of shit, you've only got to be a little wary of tram tracks...
  4. It's not just Sydney, up her in QLD there seems to be areas where council/main roads/whoever don't give a rats on the state of the road and other areas that they will fix and relay at the slightest problem.
  5. I commute to the city everyday (37km commute one way), i feel your pain Popeye. Used to scare myself shitless whenever i hit those 4 inch camel hump and my 250 would go airborne. These days i still get sent airborne but do it all poker-faced.

    Talk about bumpy? Try the stretch of parramatta road between Strathfield - Granville. Cagers would think i'm puming out some rap music the way my head would bounce up and down. Appaling roads indeed.
  6. Those old concrete slab roads are farking horrible. I grew up in Liverpool and can't believe they are still there.

    My personal hate atm is the intersection of Cleveland and Abercrombie St in Chippendale. Almost every inner city resident who works north of the bridge turns left into it to get onto the bridge. It's farking appalling. Dozens of micro potholes, those stupid speed-hump-like repairs and repair-snakes. And that's just the first 3 metres.

    I know that intersection is going to unstick me one day.
  7. try riding in country WA.. if the dead offal doesn't kill you, the pot holes, lack of road in some places (road works.. Where they remove the road... uh) and 'patch jobs' WILL kill you..

    Hit one of those bastards doing 110 and your bye bye.........
  8. Abercrombie st itself is full of snakes. I go to UTS at night, and ride that street on the way home. Those snakes suck especially in the rain :censored:
  9. The turns after spit brifge towards the city, going around the sharp corners, pot holes and really bad uneven road repair, thought I was going to come off at points!
  10. Try going out of sydney or even newcastle/hunter if you think sydney roads are bad.
    Thats the capital of the state after all, and they do their best there to make it look all spiffy.....
  11. It's not just Sydney, the country isn't any better, actually probably quite a lot worse.
  12. I love them on my 250. I particularly love it when a car has to slow down and you fly pass. My favourite one has been one in Bellbird Park where there's a speedbump at the crest of a sharp rise, don't know if it's still there. But I guess being on a cruiser makes a difference.

  13. agreed, the sea of concrete beds on the hume made mince meat of crappy cd player I had in my eb falcon a while ago, I called the new tracks hume highway remix.
  14. we need to get some japanese road workers over to educate the aus roadies. their roads are as smooth as billiard tables. cannot believe the state of some roads in vic
  15. Aussie roads a brilliant compared to bali, I can assure you!! I dont think I will ever complain about the state of our roads again.
  16. I wish NSW roads were as good Victorian roads - minus the speed cameras.
  17. Always fun when you're doing 100 on a country road, go around a corner and there's a "fat roll" in the road where the tar and gravel has been pushed out of a pot hole by the trucks.

    NSW roads - one of the reasons I bought a dirt bike over a road bike!