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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by desertdaisy, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. Hi

    Saw this room and thought I'd add some words on the Torino that my brother bought a couple of months ago.. It didn't last long because it was sold to him with a busted gasket and it was leaking oil.. There were other things wrong with it like rust and stuff so now it's parked in my mum's shed and he's getting a v-star.. Also they're giving him his money back but can't be bothered getting the bike freighted back to them.. A total waste of money and I've heard that he's not the only person who's had problems with that particular brand.. Still he bought it off the 'net against all advice so :-({|=

  2. There is something a lil sus about someone's first ever post bagging out a brand...
  3. post has been flagged for removal, OP has been pm'ed about coming clean.
  4. i wonder if it's tonkatoy ...and his bashing of torino's to bring down laro's competition.
  5. Cant we play with this one for a while,I cant resort to upsetting Raven anymore ,now that he has his own ban hammer

    I miss tonkatoy.
  6. Only an angry newbie with the craps about some naive git getting shafted for over $5k because he fell for a pic.. It had over 30 things wrong with it when the mechanic looked at it and it's an expensive lesson.. I did say though that he's getting his money back and it looks like he'll get to keep the bike as well (the cost of freight is a real biatch) so they did the right thing by him although he's the fool who bought something without looking at in IRL..
  7. Yes ok thanks for that.
    So what do you expect all of us to do about it?
  8. ...what is this? Dear diary forum?
  9. For those worried about the loss of being able to upset Raven may I suggest upsetting Smee instead (just until Raven gets used to the ban hammer) :bolt:
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  10. Way too easy, but kind of scary.
  11. But everything upsets smee...

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