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Shitbox Magna - what should I look out for?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by QuarterWit, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. #1 QuarterWit, Apr 26, 2013
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2013
    Hey All!

    Pretty much as the title says. After 5 years without a car I'm missing playing upright bass and being able to get rifles around easily.

    A friend of mine has offered to sell me her 1998 Mitsubishi Magna Solara. Has blistered paint on the bonnet and the roof, she has kids who have picked apart things like the interior trim etc but...

    It's only $1800. And mechanically, from what I can see, smell and feel, it looks like it could be reliable. Has 165,000k's on it. Last service was two years ago and $2500 spent on the timing belt, pads, etc etc. Unfortunately, it's an automatic.

    Before I pull the trigger on it is there anything I should look out for, specifically with the Magna? I know nowt about cars and I'm just after a run about that I'll do about 5,000k's a year in.

    Cheers in advance!
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  2. being bogan or bogan talk aside

    why not just get a 1990-1998 area commodore if your gonna get a v6 for a cheap shitbox runabout - that way if anything stuffs up every mechanic would've seen it a thousand times before and there'd be countless forums where you could find info on how to fix it if your so inclined

    not to mention the insane amount of them that have gone to the wreckers over the years parts would be easy.

    and it'd be easy to get one in the same price area as what your looking at

    -just putting it out there.
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  3. Magna has a habit of chewing cam bearings. The rest is okay and if timing belt etc done then I'd probably say $1500 I know it's your friend but it's also your money
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  4. I'm on my fourth Magna, including the first 4 cylinder manual '95 model which I retired at 330,000 Kms.
    Your 98 Solara is too expensive for the described condition: I was looking at a white 2001 executive wagon in terrific condition and only 141,000 Kms last night for the same price. Shop around, or join the Aussie Magna Forum and have a look at the For Sales.
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  5. Nothing wrong with Magnas, we just sold a Ralliart one, yeah rare and expensive. The 3.5lt Magnas go better than Falcodores, drive nicer too. My parents had a TE V6 for close to 10 years, only ever did a steering rack. We had ours for 6 years and did an engine mount just before we sold it.
    They also wear beter than VR-VX Commodores and less chance of being thrashed by some pimple faced, backward hat wearing bogan.
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  6. Older Magnas love to consume oil.......buy burning it.....

    Give it a cold start - let her warm up - then rev it a bit - punchy throttle action.......you'll see the blue smoke I'm sure.....
  7. That's just valve guide seals, in my (extensive) experience. A cheap fix that doesn't even require lifting the heads....
  8. And how is this different to V6 Commodores blowing smoke, rear main seals and even timing chain issues in VE's? As Hornet said, lalve stem seals and reving it wont find this issue it needs to idle for a while so oil can pool around the seal then take off, as vacuum is created it'll blow smoke.

    There is no doubt the Magna was 'better built' it's just the typical bogan thinks he needs rear wheel drive...this'll all change in the next few years.
  9. mitsi's do love their oil.... i'd be taking the radiator cap off to look for bubbles or oil in the coolant too... might indicate a gasket problem.

    dad just trashed his magna, not sure why... think it MAY have been the auto box. but it had over 300,000km..... he just bought another shitbox lol
  10. Come to QLD i'll sell you my Mazda 121... Lol.
  11. Get a bike and side car
  12. Seriously?? All the disadvantages of a car, without the advantages, all the disadvantages of a bike without the advantages....
  13. We had a magna once I vowed never to buy another mitsubishi.
  14. Buy my Rav4!

    Toyota reliability, you can fit a mate, your double bass & a couple of pigs in the back & it'll get out bush without any worries!

    Special Netrider price,$1500 ;)
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  15. Alternate options, mirage is a good car for putting around in, small, not fuel heavy. Similar deal for a 323 hatch.
  16. Are you talking about my colleagues or the hunting?

    I've sent you a message on facey.
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  17. Ffs I'll buy it for that price
  18. In all seriousness, buy the RAV4.

    I've never had nor heard of anything but pain from Magnas. Engine top end goes after 150K. Collet seals aside, the rings burn out and the damn things leak oil from every oriface. Besides other extreme mechanical failures in CV joints and suspension links, the wiring parts company with its insulation after ten years and the interior is held toegther by a glue that turns to powder after five years. Every plastic part crumbles as soon as you touch it after ten years. I've heard about recyclable cars but I'd prefer not to be still driving it as it self imolates. Mitsubishi was one of those manufactures that signed on to the most appaling paint products in the1990s and early 2000. You can see so many of them, and Toyota's from that era, that look like a surfer boy's forehead after two weeks in the sun. No clear coat, peeling sections and a powerderizing undercoat on all upper surfaces. The only fix is a complete dismantling and strip back to bare metal respray.

    Seriously, do youself a favour by steering clear of magnas. Tow truck drivers love them.
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  19. Well said Wolve
  20. Toyota mate. There's a reason they are the best in the world ;)