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Shit hanging off bike keys?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Marx, Sep 8, 2016.

  1. Key tags, key rings, other keys, split rings, and lanyards.
    Why do people have stuff hanging off their bike key when all it does is scratch up the dash fascia or top triple clamp.
    Sure what you do is your own problem, but one day you're gonna sell that bike of yours & right there directly in front of your prospective buyer as they're straddling your bike & checking the clutch & stuff is a ignition key surround that looks like someone did a burnout on it.

    Respect your equipment, run your bike key without anything hanging off it!
  2. It's not something I see as a problem. I've got a single house key and a Triumph rubber tag on my set and there isn't a single scratch on anything after two years of riding. However, I get what you're saying as I've seen some pretty impressive half crescents etched into dash paint when looking at used bikes at shops.
  3. Mate, that's like saying don't do the nasty stuff with your misses so she is pristine for the next bloke. Bikes are made to be ridden. They get scratches and worse.

    I don't have anything much on my keys as if if breaks, they all launch into the bush somewhere.

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  4. I have a bright keyring and a glow in the dark sperm (seriously) attached to my keys so when I drop them in gravel/grass/puddle I can find them again. Yes this happens because I am a muppet...
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  5. I can understand the sentiment. I just have a rubber tag from where I bought the bike from. Any house/work keys I keep in my tank bag as there are a lot of keys on the work keyring. I don't like having a big tag hanging off it, don't like it flapping around.
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  6. I hear ya mate. This ticks me off as well.
  7. Pisses me off no end on a nice, new bike. I have always been a single key, no extra shit guy, my car included. Not all of us unfortunately are fastidious.......
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  8. How about you do what you want and I'll do what I want and you stop telling me what I can and can't do with my own shit!
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  9. Lets have a referendum and gets everyone's opinion, it will only cost $45 milllion and then we can decide what to do.

    Oh hang on, I'm not in government....
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  10. There is another, almost valid, reason for limiting the number of things hanging off your key ring - over time the extra weight can screw up the ignition lock. Yes I speak from personal experience, took 12 years of daily use.

    As for aesthetics - meh - by the time I'm ready to sell my bike it will either be worth precisely nothing or be a collectors item. Either way any marks on the triple tree will either be incidental or considered 'patina' and add value to the 'originality' of the bike.
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  11. I have a rubber ASB keyring (Aussiestreetbikes), am I still allowed here?
  12. How very hipster of you, Mick!
  13. I have a Garage Remote hanging off my keys, can just press the button once I am in the my street and the Garage is open when I pull up to it. Would be annoying to have to stop and fish the Garage remote out of my bag.
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  14. hahaha. fcuking hipsters. First they ruined small brewery beer by calling it 'boutique beer'. Then they ruined perfectly good coffee by taking out the caffeine and use soy milk or almond milk (it's call almond milk because no one would drink a product call nut juice). Then they fcuked around be beards, moustaches and goatees. Now they're fcuking with classic, vintage and veteran vehicles. It's a conspiracy I tells ya.
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  15. I am anti 1 single key,to easy to lose, even though a pocket hole into the jacket lining. But I also dont like a massive bundle of keys weighing me down. I did have a leather pouch that stopped them gangling.Gota stop over thinking this shit.
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  16. I have much better gate and garage remote. I arrive home, and a lovely lady, or a grumpy young man, comes and opens the gate and garage for me. Sometimes I have to 'rev bomb' them bit they get there.
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  17. My grumpy young man has self-inflicted hearing issues. Dumb shit. He doesn't realise it could cost him his enlistment if he gets that far. Regardless, I have one key and the leather key fob for my bike. House keys etc don't go on that key-ring for precisely the reason b12mickb12mick mentioned, it ends up fuqing the lock. I had this issue on my Strom (known for soft lock wafer) and ended up having to adjust the lock wafers with a fine file and some emery paper to get it to work reliably again.
  18. Bike key?

    How quaint :whistle:

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  19. I used to use the single key, then one day after work I went to unlock the disc lock and oh I forgot the key, dammit! FYI you look like a knob getting on a bus in motorcycle gear. Now I have the two keys so I don't forget, lol.
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  20. I like a tag hanging off the key to help me not forget to take it with me when I get off the bike... I realise this is idiotic and it's a bike key, you should take it, but it's a nice little reminder. Can't tell you how many times I've gone to work, finished for the day and shat myself looking for a single key, only to find it in the bloody ignition. I'd forget my head...
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