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Shit falling of trucks, utes.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by llamaboy, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. Hey guys.

    Caught this on my camera this morning just after the bridge on the Westgate Freeway.

    I could actually hear something weird from the truck before you hear anything on the video so was prepared for it. Also luckily it was still dark so I could see the sparks when it bounced.
  2. Good work at dodging it. I've always got that on my mind when behind tradies utes - never try and spend too long there if I can help it. Spring from a truck though, thats new.
  3. looks like one fell off to the left of you as well...

    good job on the go pro action too!!!
  4. Nice dodge!
  5. I know all about shit falling off trucks
  6. Mates I have seen some weird stuff flying across the roads where I am, yes I am in Alaska right now, and i have seen boats fly off the trailers and come barreling across the highway, I have seen one driver with a load of heating duct parts that were flying out of the boxes all across the highway, I have seen a trailer loaded with potatoes that was in a wreck and the road is littered with spuds. But during the summer we have many of these motorhomes that have stuffed on their roofs like coolers, nets, fishing poles, chairs and such that fly off.
    But what I really hate is the people that throw out the window a soft drink container full of ice, thank god for windshields!
  7. Although I was driving a cage at the time, I dodged a jet ski a few years ago on Mona Vale Rd near Kimbriki Tip (jet ski travelling east, me travelling west). Jet ski came off at speed and travelled about 200m before ploughing into the guard rail on my side of the road in an explosion of fibreglass. Bit of a brown pants moment for a few of us when that happened but fortunately, everyone managed to avoid it.
  8. probably would'nt have seen that if it was pissing down rain.
    camera is a neccessity for commuting. sometimes i'm too lazy to turn mine on and i've missed stuff that i wish i had captured.
    but had you been less fortunate, the footage could have helped you out immensley.
    i know someone who hit a block of wood that came of a truck in the wee hours of the morning and spent the night in a ditch. plus a year or so before he could get back on the bike and back to work. lawyers working on his behalf could have a much better case with video footage. shit happens, just never know when.
  9. Years ago, when hubcaps were made of steel rather than the crappy plastic numbers of today, I was behind a truck carrying scrap when a couple of dozen of them came off the top of the load like lethal frisbees :-O.
  10. Out on the backroads up here, I'm on the 14 and as I approach a narrow underbridge pass I noticed a garbage truck come hairing down around the corner from the other side.......must have been spidey senses operating that day because as he bolted through...
    he tore the top of the arm of his 'bin-pickup' straight off (low bridge)........ it flew 20 odd metres and landed with a very solid 'cthunk' well to the side of me thankfully....but bluddy hell!!.... the weight of that shrapnell woulda killed someone without doubt.
  11. Thanks for the replies / riding compliments. :cool:

    Funnily enough a lot of people I showed this to (non-motorcyclists) didn't think it was that dangerous a situation or just had a 'meh' type reaction. I guess you have to be a motorcyclist to appreciate the danger...

    Anyway, here's another video off my GoPro. This time a driver nearly cleaned me up. As I was approaching I noticed she was never going to stop as she was looking to her right for god knows what reason!

  12. was'nt that close drama llama. come' ce llama???
    but good decisive riding, no hesitation as to brake or not to brake. good reaction from yourself, bike needs more power though.
  13. Ahahaha, yeah didn't seem like it but that lady was accelerating and not looking. After the car ahead me had passed the road was clear in her mind. Half a second later and it would been a different outcome.

    Yeah, don't I know it. Off my restricted license next week actually, woo!
  14. was the best thing to do, speed up. because can't check your mirrors to know what's behind you and therefore taking your vision away from her.
    not knowing what's behind you and how close, slowing rapidly could have some cage tard just shunt you into her.
    but watching the vid i notice a vehicle oncomming direction on her side of the road. so the best time for you to pass by her is when that vehicle is about to pass her. that's what you'd try to set up, or time it for anyway as soon as you noticed her way way up ahead. that covers you. she can't pull out because she's blocked.
    would'nt have worked this time i know, because she was rushing to get out before that vehicle got to her and no time to look both ways.
    but it's a trick you can utilise sometimes. if you see a car about to enter from the right way up ahead, either time it to pass by at the same time an oncomming car passes by, or set up to brake if their side is clear for them to pull out.
    you probably know all this, but some won't.
  15. =D>
  16. i dont reckon it was a spring, it sounded like the end of a load binder strap.

    but nice dodge.
  17. Thanks. It did go by pretty fast but it did look pretty 'springy' from what I remember. Here's a still from the camera with increased brightness.

  18. is that the goprohd? not the best at night.

    But yea pretty good dodge, I hate staying behind trucks and large vehicle
    s mainly cause you can't see jack and also cause of the fear something like this happening.
  19. i have had a metal pallet packing hit the front of my car at 100kmh out the back of a truck, took massive chunks of plastic off the front bar and scratched all the bonnet, would have made chop suey of me if i was on my bike
  20. Was behind a tradie's ute the other day and a steady stream of sand was leaking out the back onto the road, bouncing off and spraying me in the face. Quick overtake necessary.