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Shit Bike or Decent Bike.Pls help terribly confused.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Shori, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    After a lot of research and hitting my head against the wall. I have decided to go with one of the 2 options below:

    Option 1:

    Decent Bike Plan:

    Bike: Hyosung GTA650 '07 model 5500kms - $6300
    Insurance: - $850 hopefullly (comprehensive)
    Gear: - $720 (helmet, jacket, gloves)
    Rego: - $180 not sure
    Total - $8050


    Shitty Bike Plan:

    Bike Budget: $2500 no more
    Third Party Insurance: $200
    Gear: $720
    Rego: $150
    Total: - $3570

    Sell Shit bike for hopefully: $1500
    & then buy the GT650 for around: $6000

    Then the whole thing costed me $8370.

    Difference in cost between Option 1 & 2 = $320 roughly

    But it all depends if I can sell the shitty bike for $1500 and able to get a decent Hyosung for $6300.

    I was thinking if I go w/t the Shit bike plan. Then if I'm getting a good deal now on a decent bike then I should buy that too in the mean time. I'll just keep it till I get over the shit bike & feel confident. This will prove to be expensive now but in the long run will prove to be good, as I'll secure a good deal....& don't have to look for a bike agn.

    I plan to keep the shit bike for 3-4 months till I get off my learners and then may be the insurance will be a bit cheaper, since I'll be on my P's...

    Can anyone recommend what kind of shit bike can I buy for $2500 & sell for at least $1500 after 4 months.

    Is it normal to get a Hyosung GT650 for $6000...???

    Something about me never driven before and only like the Naked kind...

    Please let me know if I'm not clear enough...

    Any help will be much appreciated

  2. The whoflung is your DECENT bike choice? Wow.

    I'd throw 3 grand at the bike, get something that's mechanically good but cosmetically average. You still need a reliable, safe, fun bike that's not going to shit itself. I just wouldn't throw money at something brand new.

    And I definitely wouldn't buy a whoflung. But hey, lots of drongos do!
  3. I agree with loz, think twice bout hyosung
  4. Depends on your situation. If you're a little older and mature and have funds then why not buy new? I'm very happy I bought a brand new bike almost 12 months ago when I started riding, 12,000 kms later the bike is unmarked. If you're tight for cash, got the older model.
  5. you are also betting that you won't have to spend anything on the shit bike. they are cheap for a reason.
  6. Don't budget on losing $1000 on the shit bike. Buy as good a cheap bike you can privately and you should expect to sell it for the same after 4 months (so long as you don't drop it or blow it up!!).

    Please search threads for advice on a Hyo.
  7. Why don't you just buy a cheap mechanically simple 250, ride it for 15 months everywhere. Get up heaps of experience and then go buy your "dream bike" once you feel really confident.

    Nothing wrong with buying a new bike straight up. Just personally dont know anyone who has bothered...
  8. +1
    Seems you have your mind made up on the Hyo as a decent bike.
    Each to his own, never owned one so I can't make a qualified opinion.
    Just don't expect the quality to be anywhere near most other proven makes.

    Good Luck
  9. Why not split the difference and get a good average bike that you'll be happy with for a couple of years? There are plenty of bikes around you wont have to spend much on if you can spring for $4000. All bikes cost money to keep on the road.
    Nothing wrong with having a Hyo on your list but I personally think there are better bikes around for $6000 - $7000. ER6 being one.
  10. You mean 39 months yeah? :D Damn new laws..

    I too find it hilarious you refer to the hyo as the decent bike :D

    Spend 3-4 grand on something, if maintained you'll lose practically nothing on depreciation.
  11. Decent bike = GS500(f) / GPX250. Both those should be good for a couple of years. Pity the Across is getting a little hard to find in good nick.
  12. I bought a 2 year old Hyosung in 07, within 3 months I'd spent $3,000 on it in repairs...
  13. Have a look in the New Riders forum, there's a sticky that shows how much you could expect to spend on a first bike and gear.

    I think you've underestimated rego costs. At least in vic rego for a 250 is $400 or so, but I'd look for a bike with RWC and rego.

    Also full comp insurance will be a lot more than $800 unless you're over 25.

    I spend about $5000 all up, $3000 on a bike, $1500 on gear, and the rest went to insurance/transfer fees/misc accessories.
  14. Yeah a medium priced learner will hold it's value and you would only spend half the depreciation of the hyodung on maintaining the older bike.

    That doesn't even take into account the money you'll save from not maintaining the Hyodung.
  15. There's at least a couple of of quite good VTR250's at pretty good prices for sale on here if you don't want to go for something bigger. They're known for keeping owners happy for a fair while.
  16. I totall understand that Hyo is not that good. But my problem is that the VTR 250 out there have done a lot of kms compare to the Hyo's available. What I dont know is if its worth buying a VTR 250 which has done more then 25kms. I mean a bike w/t how many km's done will be decent one to buy...???

    What other naked bikes look close to VTR250...??? I was going for hyo on the basis of:
    - Km's done
    - Model yr. '07
    - The power that I can get for nearly the same price.
    - VTR 250 costs as much as a Hyo - less powerful - done more kms - older models.
    - Looks

    Is it ok to buy a bike which has done more then 25kms and then I do more on it, wont it loose its resale value...???

    What do you guys think...???

  17. I think I posted in the wrong section....have I...this should be in the general discussion form...

    No idea how I managed to post it here...
  18. Man, my bike has just clicked 25,000 ks this morning and no problems at all.
    A vtr that has had decent maintenance should go for quite a while, one that has had good maintenance should go forever.
    EDIT:it has a beautiful trellis frame, and less weight though :D
  19. After reading all this I'm getting a VTR250 I had a look on the net - a bike done 45000kms and is for $4500.

    I just hope the resale value is good.
  20. just get a $3000 whoflung.. what could possibly go wrong