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Shire of Yarra Instructed Ride Sun 3rd April - Anyone?

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Blueser, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. Anyone going?

    I am heading up from Aspendale if anyone wants to go up together?
  2. possibly
    got anymore details?
  3. We'll wave on our way home from Bright....

  4. Have a look in the event Calandar there is more info there. or PM me and I could e-mail you the PDF file.
  5. hell no, thats the same days as the superbikes :roll:
  6. Ah, damn, it is too, and I got the date wrong. Sorry, won't be waving to anyone, unless it's Troy giving those Ducatis a floggin'....
  7. Yea I'll be going if I pass my licence test on saturday.
  8. Yeah I'd be intrested if I am able to ride :p going to be a party weekend.... mmmmm, I'll pm you to let you know.
  9. Hi CBR Sean
    I'm booked in for this one...where were u thinking of meeting?
  10. Yeah, baaaad timing or what?