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Shipping bike overseas

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by FINCHY, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. Hey Peeps,

    I am moving to the USA soon and have spent too much cash on my Yamaha MT-09 and i dont want to part with it. I live in Melbourne and want to ship it to LA. I can find 1000's of websites explaining the process of getting bikes from the USA to Australia... but none going from Australian to USA.

    Who's done it? Knows anything about it? Cost to get the bike on the roads there in the US? Bike modifications for roadworthy in the sates etc..etc..

    Any business that can do this please message me.

    ANY info would be a great help!

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  2. Think this will give you the best information on the CA side of things:


    Check the Label
    To find out whether a car, truck, or motorcycle is California certified, check the emission label under the hood. For a motorcycle, check the frame or refer to your owner' s manual for the location. The label should read that the vehicle conforms to California regulations, or that it is legal for sale in California.
    Vehicles Purchased From Out of the Country (Grey Market)
    California has special requirements for vehicles imported from other countries (including Canada and Mexico). It may be very costly or impossible to modify these vehicles to meet California emission requirements and/or federal motor vehicle safety standards (FMVSS). No direct import vehicle less than two years old can be converted to California emission standards. Not all direct import vehicles over two years old can be converted to California emission standards and FMVSS. No motorcycle or diesel-powered vehicle can be converted to California emission standards. For details, contact the California Air Resources Board (AR8).​

  3. Nah won't work, we ride on the left here and they're on the right there. So left hand drive bike can't be registered in the USA...

    ....like a left handed screwdriver ;)
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  4. cash on bolt-ons, or engine work?
    can't pack up the good bits and send them?
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  5. Just get it converted over there, or may just need a sign on the back "caution right hand rider" :)
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  6. Funny thing is, when in the U.S. last year I rented mountain bikes (bicycles) a few times in various places, and they have the brakes set up on the opposite sides of the bars to the way we do it here. Takes a bit of getting used to, a few inadvertant stoppies to make you wake up a little...
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  7. that's 'cos they are kacky-handed...