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Shipping a bike from Kalgoorlie to Perth

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Turnip, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. Can anyone recommend a company that could ship a bike from Kalgoorlie to Perth? I think it'll need to be picked up from my friend's house as he doesn't have a license and won't be able to ride to the shipping company. I'm not in any hurry.


  2. Can't a couple of you ride or drive over and pick it up ? its not that far.
  3. It's an old bike I'm buying as a project. I want to give it a service and some new tyres before I go taking it for a long ride. Plus I've only had my license a few weeks.
  4. So still out of the question for car and trailer ? its just under 600klm

    Guess you have done a google search already.
  5. Yeah. My car also needs some work. Much easier just to get a courier to bring it to me.

    I've sent off an online quote request to bikesonly and motorcycle logistics. I was hoping to find a WA company as I figured it'd be cheaper, but I'll see what they say.
  6. I changed my search terms a bit and found a local company. Waiting to hear back from them.