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ship a bike from East Timor to Australia, possible?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by roundabout, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. Anyone know if its possible to ship a bike from East Timor to Australia? The only company i have found that might be able to do it is perkins shipping. Unfortunately Dave at Getrouted doesn't go there and doesn't know anyone who does.


  2. Know any friends in the Military? If so they might help.

    Also try Red Cross etc, they may have empty space on a return shipment, and could help out for a "donation"

    Worth a try?

  3. Thanks, will give the red cross a go, but i'm imagining it would be a lot of trouble for them. worth a try anyway.
  4. FYI: I had a friend who shipped her bike from the UK to here. Even after thoroughly cleaning it before shipping it sat in quaranteen here for 2 months before she was allowed access to it.
  5. Your not saying that our brave men and women who have or are serving OS have ever or will ever circumvent customs and bring back " machinery parts" back into good old OZ ? :p

    Ahh the memorys of seeing the guys at city of sydney m/cycles when 4 crates of 'machinery parts' ( 4 GXS1100 katana's ) that they didn't even have any advertising material for yet !!

    Took abit to get through rego though :?

    God love my ex captain who was a bikie and HMAS Stalwart ( retired )
    who transported em for us

    :D :twisted: :D
  6. shit, will definitely keep this in mind and see if something can be arranged for speedier inspection.
  7. Australia has pretty strict quarantine regs, is one of the reasons we don't have rabies or hoof and mouth here (for example).

    Being an island helps heaps too though. 3 years in Hort college, 15 years out, and I still remember this sort of stuff, sad huh :)
  8. Crap!
    you havent met my mother - in - law :shock:
  9. A few of us in here regularly suffer from Foot in Mouth Disease :p
  10. for anyone interested, www.perkins.com.au ship from singapore via Dili to Darwin. thanks for all the info. now just need to talk to customs and sort everything out for a trouble free crossing/inspection
  11. What bike is it you intend to bring to OZ?
  12. just helping someone out who is on a round the world trip. bmw dakar i think he's riding
  13. Probably more like, do you know any high ranking officers in the mlitary?.
    When i was recently over in PNG we were all told that we couldnt buy many or very big souvineers because there wasnt enough room in the containers.

    And not only did the O.C fly his old man and sister over for a holiday and feed and accomodate them for free. They bought everything they wanted including a massive carving of a canoe thing with soldiers in it. And it just happened that there was room for all their stuff, just not ours.

    Goodluck findin somethin anyways...
  14. are you saying that you're in the military or just reminding of this?
  15. Got a bit ahead of meself, i have to actually write my message in before pressing reply. lol
  16. Thanks mick, i think my chances of aranging anything involving the military are fairly slim. good to know though.