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Shiny verses ‘a la natural’

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jphanna, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. Guys I do a 9-5 work grind every day. the only regular excerise I get is riding my pushbike to work and back 38kms a day. so the only time I get to enjoy a motorbike ride in the country, is on weekends. I got my bike for pure enjoyment, not for commuting. There is a huge difference. I know that the 1000cc hot sport bike guys hate the ‘weekend cruisers’ like me, because we are mobile chicanes to you guys.

    Getting to the point….as a pushbike rider I see a lot of dirty commuter bikes, road grime all through the guts of the engine and not a lot of ‘love’ given to the bike. They have got an excuse as its their main form of transport, but for me, my weekend enjoyment (along with my kids/jetski/woman) is cleaning my Eliminator to within an inch of its life, and then take it out for a 2 hour plus cruise. The 1000cc plus superbikes get past me in a blink, so I cant be that much of a chicane, but the part I love the best, (on top of the beautiful experience motorbike riding is through Adelaide hills)….. is when I roll up to the various hang outs that the bikers visit in the hills, bakeries/pubs/brothels, and people from all bike denomination types come out into the parking area and appreciate my bike and its immaculate condition. Even though its clearly, not a grunt bike.

    Is your bike just pure grunt enjoyment machine, and u dont care if it looks the best, or is it given a toothbrush clean like me regularly…or a bit of both?
  2. I ride waaaay too frequently to keep my bike shiny. I'll try to clean it occassionally, but it's an all-weather all-purpose bike so my only real concern is mechanical maintenance. It's A1 mechanically speaking but looks a bit scummy like meself.
  3. I don't clean bikes, weekend toys or commuters. My machinery tends to be grimy, rusty, battlescarred and worn. They've always got fresh oil in 'em, properly adjusted chains, working lights and brakes and decent tyres though.

    Don't diss a bike or its owner 'cos it's not sparkly.
  4. Almost once fortnight (almost) I'll give mine a bath. If I'm not going to ride instantly,she might even get a coat of wax. Cleaning is a good way to discover and rectify oddities..like the pebble garden gathering in the cooling fins... or the odd collection of feathers near the exhaust stubs...I don't remember hitting a parrot..wtf?
    My bike is my mode of transport and way of life. I like her to look her best but the reality is I'm riding more than cleaning, I sometimes see 'showroom detailed' bikes...and it confirms that the owner is a rider..not a biker.
  5. other people admire different traits about m/c i would rather see a shedder front and rear tyres and yep if it's on a shiny bike all the better but generally they aren't the most highly polished bikes getting around
  6. My bike gets washed when either my work pants get dirty from just sitting on it or when 10 different people make the comment "Bikes a bit dirty".

    I ride every day in all conditions and washing it takes away time I could be riding it. It must be noted though that I regularly check the tyre pressures, tyre condition, lube the chain, check chain tension and condition.
  7. I'm like you where I try to keep it looking clean and immaculate but also commute on it 24/7 and rack up a lot of kms.
  8. cleaned once a month - thoroughly. chain, sprockets, rims and tyres etc... wash with hose and soap, top up fluids, breed brakes.

    my kawasaki gets very dirty as it does commuting, the triumph (still new to me) is only a good weather bike so i doubt it will ever get really dirty.
  9. I do about 500 klms per week on my bike, both going for all-day Sunday rides and also local commuting doing errands. If I cant be riding my bike, then I like to clean and polish her, and do that without fail every week, (bt 2 hrs worth). Shes a very shiny girl and does get a lot of attention because the polished chrome nearly blinds people!!!
  10. I bought a scooter so it could be my dirty whore.

    7 months later its never had a clean in its life. No point, its a scooter hence it comes filthy as standard. Even if it was spanking clean, it'd still be filthy.

    It means I can keep my real bike in order for the weekend :tantrum:
  11. My cafe-fighter rat-bike is exactly that. It looks like a beat up piece of junk, even when it's clean, which it was only once when I first put it together. It's very liberating, I find, to operate a bike that you only care about mechanically, as opposed to visually.
  12. My R1 although 11 years old looked like it came out of the showroom that day

    SHINY SHINY all the way
  13. [​IMG]
  14. Hehe I read that too but I'm sure you know that we know that she bleeds it unless the brakes hump and breed then that's another issue altogether.
  15. bleed. haha shut it :)

    i have a fat wrist in a bandage and typing is hard atm!
  16. I never knew there were male and female brakes, or are brakes hermaphrodites.
  17. Yeah, not sure what people think of my Tiger, often watermarked from commuting in the rain, mud/dirt-splattered swingarm from gravel road detours despite sportsbike tyres, and parts stolen from the sportsbike/caferacer, adventure bike and touring bike accessory bins. It's a mess. XD

    Shiny bikes are nice, sure, but when you've got an all-singing all-dancing "everybike" expected to perform sports duties, touring duties and commuting duties on different days of the week, AND it's black... The darn thing only stays clean for about 30 seconds before it's covered in grime again.
  18. Way I see it, the front brakes are male and the rear is the female.

    The front does all the work, and the rear doesn't cope under pressure.

  19. and is always lagging behind
  20. My father in law (who rides a flying brick, but only on days when its not too hot, not too, cold, when it doesnt look like rain in the next 48 hours AND it isnt too windy) was having a go at me for having my ZX14 dirty.

    I just said Grahame mate, in order to get em dirty...... you have to ride em......

    Nuff zed, but I do feel a little embarrased at times when we step out on netrider rides and everyone elses bike is shiny ......