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shiny side down

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Interloper, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. i was coming out of a huge roundabout at a moderate speed and laid the bike over to the left as i exited.applied some power whilst still on a slight lean which lightened the front end just enough for the tyre to break contact.A few badly placed bumps in the road got the bars wobbling a bit so i tried to keep the power steady but she started to tank slap,brutally.My right hand popped off the grip and the front end loaded right up.At this point it was clear what the outcome would be.the bike slammed into the road with such force i was momentarily suspended in mid air.I then landed on the right side of the bike and found myself riding it like a boogie board at about 80kph as is slid and spun,showering me in sparks,coolant and oil.She hit the gravel on the side of the road and i was thrown into the air again,tumbling for about 8 metres before coming to a stop.
    the following sensation wasnt what i expected.I just sat there for a moment looking back at the bike feeling rather calm but very dissapointed as i waited for my body to tell me what was damaged.
    Apart from lots of bruises,grazes and some ligament damage to my knee,im fine and will recover fully.I thought i'd be far more pissed than I am but i guess i have just considered what could have happened and left it at that.I'm just really dissapointed,feeling lucky and thats about it.
    i'm over it.


  2. sorry to hear about the spill interloper, good news is your at home and able to tell us all about it, which means no lengthy stay in hospital :cool:
  3. at least you did it properly. ive had enough of these "i dropped it off the side stand" or "while practicing u-turns in a car park..."

    goodluck getting yourself and your bike back on the road
  4. Interloper, I feel for ya bro. I've seen my own 9r similarly damaged. You have easily $6k damage there...

    Glad to hear you're ok.

    Sorry about the bike.
  5. thanks for the condolences guys :wink:
    how do you think the insurance co. will go with this?
    its insured for a fair bit more than market value and i'm not sure how closely the cost of repair has to be to market value before they ditch it.
    frame/sub-frame damage is unclear but this machine was 100% before the crash and i dont want it back if its not within a fanny hair of perfect.
    ive had bikes repaired before only to crash again because the fork was bent and they didnt pick it.
  6. nice write up dude, interesting to hear how it happens in detail etc...
  7. Glad to hear you made it out okay.
  8. Sorry to hear about your spill.

    Hopefully you can repair it to 100% again without too much trouble/money..
  9. Wow. You lowsided at 80km/h and took no serious damage? I'm glad you made it out ok, at those speeds the odds aren't that great.

    All the visible damage (fairing, engine cover, what looks like a bent front rim etc) plus the leaking oil and coolant you mentioned suggests to me they might just pay you the agreed value. Looks moderately expensive to repair.
  10. The damage you can see looks expensive enough; goodness knows what other damage the assessor will find.

    At least you're ok :).
  11. Bugger about the spill mate.

    Good to hear that your body isn't too badly broken. But it's a shame about the bike.

    Hopefully insurance fixes it right up for ya. As long as they don't hear that you were coming out of a roundabout at at least 80kph... :wink:
  12. bugger mate!

    oh well, at least you're alive enough to type up the aftermath! black side down in the future!
  13. Glad your ok.
    Atleast now you can go shopping for a new bike :D
  14. Nice write up :cool: whats tank slap? handlebars hitting the tank?
  15. riding a lowsiding bike like a boogie-board?
    you bloody hero