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Shiny new FZ6N

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by ]{ing Nothing, Feb 23, 2010.


    Hey all!

    Thanks for your advice in my "streetfight suggestions" thread, I am now the proud owner of a brand new graphite FZ6N '09. =D

    Had my first proper ride from work-home last night, and gawd it's awesome. My legs hug the tank, making the ride feel safer (dare I say I feel more connected with the bike), and that means I can lean into corners more and feel safer doing it. It's a pretty agile bike too, and seems pretty happy zipping around the place. Adjusting to the power output is something I'm still doing, as is dealing with the increased weight (which stops the wind blowing me all over the shop, as happened on my GPX), but it feels both familiar and like getting on a bike for the first time all over again, without feeling like I could lose control any time soon.

    I'm pretty happy with the acceleration: enough to be scary if I want it to be, but again, it doesn't seem like I'm likely to accidentally mono taking off from the lights. Being brand new off the show-room floor, it naturally runs pretty well, and I've been breaking in the engine with rapid accel/decel in different gears; but not doing anything stupid like red-lining it.

    Anyway, I might report back more later, but I love my new bike, and it's safe to say it's completely renewed my interest in riding for fun, as opposed to the general tedium of a daily commute.

    Anyway I have a question: how the hell do you adjust the mirrors on this thing, I feel like I'm about to break them off! Is there a trick to it or should I just brute-force it?
  2. you seem to have forgotten to upload a photo with it... i suggest you rectify this to prevent flaming
  3. I shall, but I'm at work at the moment. Upload tonight!
  4. I thought you already rode home.
  5. fixed! That was last night. Didn't ride to work today.
  6. Anyway congrats on the bike and definitely a good choice. Did you ever lean towards the xj6n or you always wanted the fz6n.

    I was just having looks at pics of the 2 side by side and so hard to tell the difference as it is minimal and they are bloody priced the same too so hard to pick one.

    Congrats on your new bike as I'm sure it's the right one for you and will make you happy on many days.
  7. I felt more comfortable on the FZ6N was pretty much it - in the end I was going to pick one of them, and the graphite FZ6N is pretty hawt too. :) I also prefer the exhaust under the seat, rather than under the body, as far as looks go.
  8. Yes you're right. When I bought my bike 1.5 months ago I had a long hard look at both of them and they were in my price range but unfortunately are not lams approved and didn't want to risk riding in that state.

    You're right about the looks of the fz6n though over the xj6n. However the fz6s looks so ugly and out of place with the screen & fairing.
  9. Congrats on the new bike, dude, we'll have to go for a ride sometime! I'll send ya a PM.

    Did you get a good price for the GPX?

    Don't forget pics so we can all live vicariously through you!
  10. Pics ahoy. They aren't great coz it's pretty bright outside and the photo area is cramped at the moment.

    Att: mods. If these break a forum size limit, I'll drop them back to just links. Thanks!


    My dad's gonna take the GPX. And if he changes his mind, a NR can have it for like 1k. :p
  11. Looks bloody nice, done well.

    I can't imagine your father on a bike, I think I would pay to see that!
  12. He used to ride, back in the day.