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Shiny cruiser newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by dishy, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. Here I am, a new motorcycle rider. Many thanks to Netrider for helping me make choices and being a great source of information.

    I haven't even got my learner's yet, but I already have my bike and gear. I found a deal that I thought was very good and hassle-free, so I bought her:


    She's got registration until Jan 2008. One year old, with 2,700km on the clock. Not a single scratch, looks factory new. Was $4,900.

    I've got a lot of experience as a car driver, and I'm a fairly experienced cyclist. So, I'm used to going out in heavy traffic on my bicycle. My learner's test is in two weeks from today.

    I finally found a decent place to buy my riding gear from. The bike shops seemed to be a rip-off, and have a limited range of accessories. I guess that riding gear is just a source of extra profit-margin for them.

    I also checked out the Gray's online auction (mentioned on Netrider) and other online stores for gear. What a joke! I'm very glad I didn't go near those.

    But then I noticed "Brian's Bike Mart" in Ringwood. They have a great range of cheaper brands that often aren't found in the bike stores, but still seems as good as the more expensive gear. They also gave me a 10% netrider discount. The service was great, I got personal attention that I didn't get in bike stores, and the salesguy recognised the netrider membership card in an instant. I bought:

    RXT full-face helmet
    RXT open-face helmet
    face-guard for open-face helmet
    Eyeride goggles
    Dririder gloves
    RJays boots
    Camel Bak hydrator

    total: $450

    I chose to go with Tiger Angel for my clothing. I don't want to compromise on quality for leathers, and they are Australian made and custom-fitted. They also gave me a netrider discount. Jacket and pants for $1,200.

    I also found some saddlebags and floorboards designed for the Hyosung at an eBay store.

    So, how am I doing?

    Bike $4,900
    Leathers $1,200
    Assorted gear $450
    Floorboards & Saddlebags $310
    License training & test $280
    Vicroads transfer fee $140

    $7280 so far. Hopefully other newbies find this info useful for an idea of cost of a total investment that is in great condition and pretty safe, IMO.

    Could have spent less, could have spent more. But I like the stuff I got. I'm considering an Ezi-trak "Bike Bandit" alarm system/GPS tracker too. Anyone used this system?

    I'm planning to use this bike mainly for commuting, and also recreational trips to the hills and the coast. The only problem is that bikes can't carry a surfboard!

    Best wishes to all the netriders out there on the information superhighway roads, with the digital winds flowing through their hair, with their wild style and impeccable sense sending a vibration through their modems not unlike a V-twin in a kindergarten.

    dishy out.
  2. congrats on the purchase and welcome to netrider
  3. Nice ride dishy. Don't forget to add it to the "Garage". Link is at the top of the page.
  4. nice bike.....

    oh yeah and welcome to the forums :grin:
  5. welcome to netrider!

    you like cruisers? click on "myhouse" in my sig, cruisers a'plenty :)
  6. Yeah, I tried the garage first, but for some reason, the "make" pull-down menu was greyed out. As this was a required field, I could not submit my entry.

    And thanks for the replies from you other netriders!
  7. I do like cruisers. I never knew I did until recently .... weird. I also really like the performance of sport bikes. Unfortunately, I find most affordable sportbikes to look cheap and tacky. I don't like the plastic look and the bright colours - even though the Hyosung is made of a lot of plastic!

    Ultimately, I'd like to own both a cruiser and a sportbike. Maybe a Triumph and... something else. Don't really know where to look with the sportbikes. I like the sound of Ducatis, though!
  8. Welcome aboard.. And yes owning a sports bike and a cruiser is great. Only problem is you spend twice as much.. :grin:
  9. Welcome Dishy - nice-looking ride :cool:
  10. Congratulations Dishy, only a couple of weeks and you can start cruising :grin:
  11. Nice ride Dude, welcome to the forum. :)
  12. Wecome Dishy

    :grin: Nice Bike :grin:

    mine is the silver and black 2004 GV 250 V twin

    i have ridden approx 9000 klm on her since August 2006 to now
    (out on it again today )

    i absolutly Can Not fault this lil cruiser
    i am sure you will notch up a lot of K's in no time :grin:
  13. Welcome Dishy, well planned intro to riding, congrats
  14. Welcome dishy - sounds like you've done well!
  15. Hyo's rock!

    G'day now all need is to learn to ride! :p :p