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shinko tyres

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ozzyal, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. Any body know where I can get shinko tyres cheap in vic ? im not paying $450 - $550 for a daul compound tyre that only last 3000kms before its shagged again !! 1000cc sport tourer that i ride like a pussy !!!

  2. Jake Wilson in the us do them. Nearly bought some for the Strom. Went with Tourance. Shinkos are heaps cheaper though.

    Ps. You may wanna post in the right section next time bud.
  3. thanks for that , wasn't sure where to post it
  4. Shop around a bit. I got a pair of Angels last week $400 fitted from Team Moto. Surely a chain down there can do that too.
    Don't get crap tyres.
  5. Just ordered a pair of shinko's $232 delivered .
  6. If you're buying Shinko 003s or 009s they're not crap. And they'll suit your sport tourer just fine. My CB1300 goes really well on them.
  7. I think it was Bridgestone BT-021s that I was using on the Hornet 600. I got upwards of 15,000km from a set. And that included plenty of riding through your part of the State and flatter.
  8. From a shop or website?
  9. thru jake wilson USA . already recieved shipping notice ! done a fair bit of research , cant find a bad wrap , but plenty of good opinions . the only neg comments come from people who have'nt used them . I dont expect them to be fantastic , just want a good value tyre that will last fair few kays .
  10. They're a good tyre, no doubt, but for slightly more money, I got twice the km's out of Michelin PR2's.

    Food for thought.
  11. yep good deal on pr2s , maybe should've gone that way . but reasonably confident shinko's will be OK . the big CBRF is pretty hard on tyres given I dont consider myself a hard rider by any means
  12. Depending on how these ones go, for heavy bikes you could consider Bridgestone BT023 ST, I think Michilin Pilot Road 3 have an ST as well. Same compound and pattern but i think different construction for heavy bikes giving longer wear (I think).

    I don't know if the stinkos have good milage or not. My last PR3s got me about 8,000Km and never slipped in the wet. The Angels haven't been in the wet yet (no rain for a month), but the grip in the dry is even better than the PR3s and cornering speed has increased.

    Try a few different tyres and eventually you'll find your favourite.
  13. cheap enough from the states to try them anyway . got dunlop sportmax atm , shocking when cold and really strange wear pattern front and rear ! you'd swear they were on diff bikes , front chewed thru right side crazy amount , rear worn flat in centre ( as per normal for the long distance and hwy mileage I do out here )
  14. Check your tyre pressures whenever you fill up - I swear that's the best way to get the most mileage out of your tyres and stops strange wear
  15. I got about 7000km out of the new Bridgestones my CB1300 came with when I bought it used. The last Shinko 009 rear was replaced at 18,500km, and the front 003 at 12,000km though not actually worn out. At the price, and for the stability and performance I want, this is just fine by me.
  16. Unreal !! I've recieved these tyres already !!! ordered midnight friday ,recieved 10am this morning (tuesday)
  17. Oz how are they? Would you buy them again?

    I need to get some new threads on my blade. From what I read on the net they are quite good.
  19. only a couple of thousand kms on them at the moment . but I find they better from cold then the sportsmarts and seem to me to grip pretty well ( but I'm no Casey Stoner )