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Shinko tyres

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by vmaxer, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Shinko seem to be increasingly popular in the USA (for average use, not roadrunning or racing) due to very low pricing. Favourable reviews from riders across numerous different bike forums pointing to good road handling and wear rate.

    Shinko bought out the motorcycle wing of Yokohama tyres and use their technology and moulds to make the tyres in South Korea. Old or new technology ?? Anyone using them for everyday use here in OZ ?? Curious as may try them on my old Max later in the year.

  2. I've heard that too... I think a lot of their current stuff is old, but they've got some new models out now...

    I ran a set of 005's before my current PR2's, they gripped fine, never had any issues, had the rear off the deck under hard breaking.

    But: the price difference between them & the PR's was only about $100 all told, the rear Shinko was shagged at 7K km, my rear PR2 is shagged at about 12K km. Nearly double the milage is worth the extra $100 I reckon.

    The 003 Stealths are popular with drag racers apparently, supposed to be very sticky, but I can't see them lasting very long.
  3. I ran the 009 Ravens for a while and never had a problem, but then again I'm slow.

    I think mine came in at $250 fitted so the price difference was worth it
  4. I had a 005 rear on the Cibber when I bought it 2nd hand. Grippy... It was pretty badly squared off so I changed it after about 2500kms for a set of Pirelli Angel ST's. I don't think they have very good milage but are prob a cheap option for a weekend scratcher.
  5. My CB1300 is on its second set of Shinkos. I run a soft 003 on the front and a sport-touring 009 on the back. The front gets 12,000km and the rear looks like it will do 16,000 plus, a big step up from 7000km I got from lighter construction sports tyres. The tyres are heavier built so they suit my Honda's 250kg kerb weight. Grip is fine wet or dry, they warm up quickly, I feel good pitching the bike into corners, and the tyres feel fine with the bike loaded to tour. Cheap as chips from Mad Mick here in Brisbane and the replacement intervals mean less time off to go get new rubber.

    Dated technology, yes. Value for money, excellent. Suitable for all types of bikes, maybe not, as sports riders would want to feel they had more 'focused' tyres under them. But for my bike, and my riding, they work really well.
  6. The more I find out about Shinko tyres would indicate they are a very good product at a budget price for general riding. So Shinko might well suite my lack of style on two wheels, steady eddie with the occasional blast to dust off the cobwebs, I am keen to try them out.
  7. Just don't talk to any tyre people here, they'd have you believe that putting any tyre from the budget end of market on your bike will cause you to immediately fall off...