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Shinko r009

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mudjunky, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. Has anyone had these tyres on there bike and do they handle well any infomation would be greatly apreciated thank you

  2. You can expect this to light up with second-hand opinions and my-mate-says any time now...

    I have one on the rear of my CB1300. Already done a 1300km tour, with rain and muddy back roads thrown in, and about 1700km all up so far.

    I am very impressed with it. Good tip-in, excellent grip and very sure-footed in the wet. It's teamed with a 003 on the front. Cheap and not this year's model, but it suits me just fine. Compared with the Bridgestone 015s that I took off, the Shinko has been a revelation.

    The tyres shows no wear of any kind yet, and the chicken strips have gone. I trust they'll keep on performing like this for a long time yet, but at the price I paid for the pair it matters less that I get huge distances (if I get 10,000km I'll be very happy). I don't ride my CB13 all that hard, but I absolutely require it to stop and steer well. The 13 is no sports bike, but it handles just fine and allows me to enjoy a winding road. I now have good reasons to trust the tyres in all road conditions.

    Your mileage, as they say, may vary on a 600.
  3. Can we please at least make the effort of posting in the correct forums.

    We are good, thanks for asking. :roll:
  4. I personally fcuking hate Shinko tyres but:

    I'm curious as to what you thought about the 015's? I have 015R's on my 600RR and while happy with the rear, I think the profile is too steep on the front and they take an age to heat up thereby it gets a little slippery. Did you find similar?
  5. So you've used the Shinkos then Dougz? What on?

    The 015s were too slow to warm up from a cold start, never seemed to get to temperature in the wet, and consequently made the bike feel like it was hinged in the middle. The carcass was probably too light for the CB1300 and while they gripped okay in dry and warm conditions, any other time they were less than reassuring. Lightweight sports bikes would be different, I guess.

    I prefer what I have now.
  6. I had Shinko's on my Hyodung GT250R. Worst tyre EVER. Harder than a 15 year old at Sexpo.

    Not really. I've found the same thing you have. The steep profile tips you in way too fast at low speed and as you said, they take ages to warm up. I think they'd be great on the track with a lot of heat in them, but pretty useless for general road use.
  7. Hi mudjunky,

    I've just put a set of Shinko 005's on my little Aprilia, and although I've only done about 100km's (which probably isn't good enough to get a real idea) I'm really happy with them so far.

    I did a bit of reading around and saw some mixed feelings about them, but I did read a post by an american bloke who had a lot of international racing experience behind him who tried a set and gave them the thumbs up.

    I'll try and find the link again for you - it was a great read.

    I think you'll find Shinko is the stock tyre for the AMA stock superbikes in the states, so they couldn't be too bad could they?

    Don't be put off by them coming from Korea, Shinko's a Japanese company, and they're owned by IRC - they bought all the gear (moulds, rubber formulations, etc...) off Yokohama and shifted manufacturing because it was cheaper - same as every other manufacturer in the world.

    I like them so far, and think I'll probably keep liking them, but I'd keep reading before you make your decision.

  8. Thank you all for your input i have read all the replies and done some research now and i think i will give them a try i found out just about every tyre has someone that has a negative comment about them i went for a ride with a group and there was a woman on a r6 that had shiko's on it and she out rode most of the guys me included and she was giving it heaps around the twisties and she loves them.Again thank you all for your help.
  9. My experience with these tyres:

    The short answer? They stick well enough (I'm not dead or injured), but wear a little quickly. If you fit your own, the economy side might work out. In terms of absolute $/km there are likely better options.

    The tyres are single compound, reasonably soft and get their mileage from the scale-model grand canyon siping in the tyre. A distinctive zig-zag tread pattern completes the unique look. Lots of people report a positive experience, but some just seem to be surprised that they hold air. A reasonably thorough user experience can be found care of Ruben from Competition accessories on YouTube if you're inclined to look.

    MMMTS fitted the tyres around the start of summer. If Bruce had any reservations about fitting these, he saved them for when I wasn't around. The initial scrub in took longer than any tyre I'd used.

    Ride feel isn't bad. Carcass was definitely softer than the previous tyres (Roadsmart 2) and turn-in was a little quicker but still neutral. Grips to the edge of the tyre and can handle full throttle at three-quarter lean. Not that impressive in light of the Versys' power output but still relevant. Only complaint is that the front feels a tiny bit vague at high lean. Not sure if its a bike,tyre or rider issue as of yet. Got a feeling its not the tyres. In the wet they've only been used for commuting, so can't really comment on that side of their performance. I also cant say how they do in colder temperatures.

    Unfortunately I seem to have suffered a quality control issue. There is a section that spans the tyre where it seems like the a layer of rubber hasn't bonded properly. The imperfection doesn't span the depth of the tyre, though it makes me nervous approaching the end of the tyre life. Since Shinko will only consider warranty claims via dealers, and I bought these online there isn't much I can do to get a solution other than early replacement. If I get another set I'll be sure to get them locally and keep the receipt.

    Mileage? They're on around 6000 km now (commuting and twisties every fortnight), and are 1-2mm above the wear indicators. Likely to see 8000km. Less if I find more riding time. I got them at under $250 when the Aussie dollar was high so still acceptable value.

    pics of the rear wear and QC issue attached.

    WP_20160121_10_39_04_Pro (1).