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Shifty shop MOTOGO Bentleigh

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by noodle, May 29, 2015.

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  1. I have received these statements from the victims themselves not from a third party, I have those in writing, and I have receipts/printout to prove the charges.

    1. My friend told me himself, that he went to MOTOGO to get a quote for a new kawasaki Z1000, this place tried to sell one to him for $19500, Peterstevens price? $16500

    2. Another friend told me this him self, he wanted to buy a ducati 659, he was quoted $13,000 for a 2013 model, a brand new 2015 model would cost $13,000

    3. Another friend whom had purchased a motorcycle from MOTOGO, was promised a free first service, upon arriving for the first service, he was charged $260.

    4. Another friend who was trying to sell his kawasaki ninja 300, went to MOTOGO for a RWC certificate, few hours later the shop rang him it's going to cost $650, my friend tried to refuse, and take the bike to another place, the answer was NO, the bike has already been disassembled, its too late for that, he reluctantly agreed, upon picking up the bike, he paid $850....
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  2. Sounds like your friends should research more before buying a bike or taking one for servicing,
    If your friend didn't get first service free written into contract it doesn't mean squat.
    Why would a bike need to be disassembled for a road worthy?
    Tey using mta approved mechanics
  3. Interesting first post
    Who are you? what is the purpose of this post?
    Are you representing anyone?
    Seems like a strange first post can you please clarify what exactly you are trying to tell us and WHY?
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  4. My thoughts exactly. I'm waiting for: "come to PS where we offer better prices."
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  5. As for the first 2 points, shops can charge what ever they want for new bikes. Given how easy this stuff is to research it seems more like moronic business than shifty business. Please introduce yourself, it's a bit hard to take one with such clear motives for joining a forum at all seriously with no background.
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  6. I have been to MOTOGO when I was looking and the prices for the Ninja300's were no different to Peter Stevens. I ended up buying a second hand one through Motoheaven (who are awesome just quietly) but I certainly did not get the impression that Motogo were trying to rip me off. Just sayin'
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  7. 1. go do your homework.
    2. go do your homework.
    3. go do your homework.
    4. nobody cares- go do your homework.
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  8. Imaginary friends?
  9. Oh dear.....
  10. lol so only one of them allegedly spent money with them are your bitching about? GTFO
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  11. Might be real to him........:)
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  12. well, I guess I'm just sick of seeing my friends getting ripped off their hard earn money, just a bit of a rant
  13. #14 noodle, May 29, 2015
    Last edited: May 29, 2015
    I'm a rider my self, I ride a R1, WR450f, wr250r, nuda 900, been riding since 2001,
    I've been to a few shops my self, Peterstevens, motogc in thomastown to buy things and do services, all were ok, not as bad as this place

    the reason I'm ranting about this shop, is the owner is a chinese dude, all my friends are chinese, in my personal opinion, this owner thinks all chinese riders are dumb, they dont know their rights, so thus the rip offs. I'm just so frustrated when my friends comes to me with these stories, can't believe people keep going to this dodgy place
  14. Whatever happened to buyer beware. The Chinese are some of the shrewdest buyers I've come across, except for your friends for some reason. Sheesh, you've lost me.
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  15. well, I'm involved in an unofficial motorcycle club, that has around 150 Chinese members, who actively ride in Melbourne, you say they are sharp buyers? Well.,.of the 150 guys that ride, maybe 10-20 of us know what we are doing? the rest are mostly on their L's and they have no clue, anyway I guess what I'm trying to say is that at least in our group, we won't been splashing money at MOTOGO anymore.
  16. Have you tried talking to them and taking your grievances to them - the Owner may not be aware of unhappy customers and I know that if I was an owner I would want to know - just a thought :)
  17. first of all, thank you for your suggestion, that would be nice if that was the case
    chinese people tend to be very polite with the exception of my self, they tend to keep it to themselves, if they get ripped off, they keep quite about it, they are ashamed for other's to know about it, also. Yes, we have tried to communicate with the owner, he even started a verbal fight with me, calling me names, and saying I dont know anything, and that I should keep my mouth shut.

    well, I grew up in Australia, I know as a consumer, we have rights, I guess I'm kinda representing our riders in saying all these, especially after what the owner said to me, I feel like I'm going to expose this guy for the rest to see
  18. Sorry to hear of your experience then :(
  19. <Puts on gum boots, wades into minor sh*t fight…>

    Once, I was young, enthusiastic and naïve. I spent many monies unnecessarily, but in doing so not only did it benefit the economy it also taught me the power of trade. Now, I can budget and barter accordingly.

    Sounds like your friends are learning similar. If this chap is ripping people off, then he’s only harming his own business as his circle of customers won’t expand through referral, which is very important in consumer retail.

    Also, the problem sounds a bit like it’s a closed circle/cultural issue - how many of the 150 Chinese riders are avid NetRider members, is this post going to reach them?

    It seems to me that the most effective action is for you and the other ’10 - 20’ knowledgeable riders become ‘big brothers’ the remaining 130 novice riders, after all everybody appreciates a positive mentor.

    Also: Welcome
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