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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Spotman, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. I know this will probably be in here somewhere, but I didn't see this tip specifically so thought I would share for fellow newbies:
    I was having trouble (still have some...) shifting gears smoothly and so read lots on this site and then watched some great videos on YT by RoadcraftNottingham.
    Among others this tip helped me the most:
    When shifting up pre-load the shifter with your foot before pulling the clutch and rolling off the throttle. In other words apply light pressure under the lever well early.
    Most newbies (like me) move their foot under the lever too late which results in clunky changes.
    I've also then done some clutchless shifting but am trying to stay away from that until I get the clutch right!
    Hope this helps someone else...

  2. Yeah, you have to have good coordination when changing gears, but eventually (like anything repeated a million times) it becomes old hat and you'll find you're not even thinking about shifting..

    Russ (RoadcraftNottingham) has some great videos, as does "Capt Crash" and "13Mordeth" oh and "KneeDragon1962" too...

  3. Also what i found is adjusting the shifter correctly where your foot naturally falls when on the foot peg helps. Sometimes u miss coz you pushed it up already but its set too high from your natural push up or down.
  4. I wouldnt be recommending this method.
    Fraught with danger.
    But thanks for your knowledge on the subject.
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    apparently this post annoys people. So I will refrain from questioning certain forum users.

    Carry on.
  6. she's really got it in for you Blabbs.
    questions your infinite wisdom at every turn on this place.
    don't let her win.
    we believe in you !
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    Hey, I don't mean anything by it mate . If I am annoying you I'll stop asking .. jeebus. :confused:
  8. So what's wrong with that method and what would you recommend doing instead, Sir Toolicus?
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  9. Oooo...you're questioning the dude? Watch ya don't get the blabbs brigade after ya :cool:
  10. Blabbs is right.

    Not only do you increase the wear within the lever-shifter-fork selector-pawl- detent-dogs system by loading it against engaged gears, if you ride around with a preloaded lever and SR-1 kicks in and you roll off the throttle, you'll more than likely shift a gear - an unplanned half arsed clutchless shift leading to surprise, false nuetrals and/or more wear.

    Learn the proper change sequence.

    Go here: http://www.dansmc.com/mc_repaircourse.htm and spend some time looking over the gear and clutch sections.
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  11. If your clunking your changes you thinking too much and doing too little.
    It all comes with time.
    So before we try changing gears I think you need to go back to the slow speed crawl and remember your friend the "Friction point" in the clutch.
    1st practice getting the clutch in and the throttle closed. I recommend 2nd gear. Got that, ok now setting the clutch out and matching the throttle into it.
    Stay in 2nd and forget changing just yet. Just pulling it in and it sounding nice and smooth, no over run revs. The time it takes you to get it in and right and smile. You will have slowed down enough for 2nd to be still the gear to be in.... well long as you don't take Fooooorever. And don't scream it titt's off before you practice pulling your clutch in. Just nice smooth mid range clutch in, then regain drive with clutch out. We all do it twenty times going into a shopping canter car park. So go practice in the traffic in the car park.
    That's the thinking bit of changing and you don't want to think. You want it to be you just do! Natural.

    Then changing is a simple light up or down of the big toe. And of course adding the difference in gear changing ratios, lean angles, countersteering and to the wind coming from the west...another story,
    The harder you push or pull on that gear lever .. the harder it will be to change. It likes a nice soft tap and that's all.
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  12. Obviously if you ride for 30 seconds like that it will be damaging.
    But I'm pretty sure it's not what is meant by "preloading".

    Preloading, in my understanding, is momentarily pushing the gear shifter just before you pull in the clutch.

    It's just a change of sequence. One way is to pull the clutch in, press the shifter. The other - preload shifter, pull the clutch in (and it just clicks in).

    I've heard many times that "preloading" is harmful.
    But don't we have a misunderstanding of what "preloading" is?

    IMO preloading isn't anything longer than quarter of a second.
  13. What's the benefit of the quarter second preload before you pull the clutch in?
  14. Pre-loading enhances false neutrals. And he isn't quick enough with the clutch to reap any benefits of it.
    I've wouldn't recommend it. The gearbox itself might need the length of the throw to make it a smooth change. As in time... and leverage
  15. Slightly off topic, but what actually creates a false neutral?
    I've so far had 3 on my 24 year old bike during the 25000 km I put on it. Each time I experienced this second of 'Oh Shit, I broke my bike!!', until I realized it was just a false neutral. So you say preloading enhances it to happen, what else does?
  16. I must be lazy. i've got into the habit of applying a bit of pressure on the lever between upchanges and with just a quick reverse blip it's in. Dont even use the clutch most of the time, never had a false neutral. Will let you know when I have to replace the gearbox.
    Not saying it's right by the way, just what I like.
  17. That demonstrates the principle mentioned earlier - pressure plus roll off and a clutchless shift will occur. Doesn't mean the negatives have been mitigated. Do you give a nice little up kick on the lever when you deliberately roll off?
  18. I've seen this on Utube a while ago. After seeing this post I gave it ago and missed the gear change. Not sure what happened but not having stuffed up a gear change in over twenty years I went back to my regular shifting.
  19. Anything further to add ?
    I guess not.
  20. Tolerance.
    A false neutral is any neutral you hit above 2nd gear on most bikes other than say a postie type shift pattern.
    Old school would say not enough pressure on the lever. But that's not true. Pre empt-ing it by pre-laoding it shortens the throw or the timing of the throw, causing the gear not to mesh and hence not engage and so you just rev like your in neutral.
    And a bit much tolerance through age can cause it because the throw arm is loose or the cogs have worn like beveled at the ends making it not hit home true. Usually worn cogs grind a bit with a false neutral.